Black ambu are a type of ninja that wear a black cloak or mask. They are very different from normal shinobi.

They are responsible for protection, investigating, and carrying out high-risk missions into enemy countries. They also interrogate enemy ninja. ANBU are known for their strength and intelligence. These ninja are extremely dangerous and must be under the control of their Kage.


The Black Ambu are the elite ninja that are under the direct control of their Kage. The Kage sends them on missions that benefit Konoha and they are trained to abandon all emotions so they can follow their commands unquestioningly.

In order to distinguish themselves from normal ninja, they wear masks that make them look like lions or monsters. They are also allowed to wear a black cloak over their uniform, as well as ninja sandals with spikes to go into mountainous regions.

They are characterized by their ability to go undercover and uncover more information that normal ninja wouldn’t be able to find. They also have a lot of special abilities that they are able to use to their advantage, including Temporary Paralysis Jutsu and Memory Erasing Jutsu.

Bear Division

Black bears (Ursus arctos), known also as brown or black ambu, are found in most of the United States and Canada. They are a large and stocky species with a short tail. They are typically found in forests and woodlands.

Their ancestry is unknown, but they are thought to be descended from the extinct brown bear of Scandinavia. They have been classified into 16 subspecies, based on minor differences in appearance and DNA.

They are generally larger and heavier than other bears, with males reaching a size of 2 metres long and 409 kg. They are omnivores and can hunt terrestrial prey, such as rodents, or ungulates, such as birds and rabbits.

To evaluate bear presence and abundance, we surveyed for bear sign using line transects in eight study sites across Lao. We used this information to create a replicable Geographic Information System based assessment tool for bears in Lao that can be used to identify conservation opportunities and monitor changes in bear distribution over time.

Dragon Division

The Dragon Division is a relatively new addition to the ANBU family. They are a unique group of ninja, whose primary mission is to protect the village from exceptional threats and conduct high-risk missions into enemy countries. They are also responsible for carrying out assassinations and developing interrogation or torture skills to gain information valuable to the village.

They are also known as the worded bards of Huaxia. They are considered the team leaders, planning, gathering allies and making the decisions that are required to keep the village safe and in tact.

They are aided by the Frog Division, which is essentially a support group, ready to heal, boost and move swiftly with their ANBU brethren. Lastly, they are accompanied by the Owl Division who is known for their stealth and information retrieval capabilities.

Human Division

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The Clarke crew is the central focus, with CU lieutenant Harry Wilson and CDF officer Hart Schmidt leading the way. However, there is also a strong cast of side characters including General Gau (seen in prior books), members of a wildcat colony, and CDF fire team member Hafte Sorvalh.

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