Shopping for a diamond stone can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires some research. Understanding the size, quality, and price of diamonds is essential for finding the perfect gem. In this guide, we’ll explore carat size, clarity ratings, diamond cut types, and more to make sure you get the most beautiful diamond for your budget.

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Understand the Primary Diamond Characteristics.

When shopping for diamonds, it’s important to be aware of the four primary characteristics that make up a diamond’s overall quality: carat size, clarity, cut, and color. Each of these variables affects the diamond’s value, so understanding them can help you identify a good bargain or avoid overspending. Carat size indicates the diameter or weight of a diamond; clarity grades range from very low (beaded or pitted) to very high (flawless); and diamond cuts come in many shapes and sizes. Finally, graded colors include shades from brownish yellow to near colorless.

Big Three colored gemstones

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