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Removing hair permanently is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments and at competitive and affordable prices at Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi. However, there are many types of laser hair removal and not all hair removal treatments are the same or have definitive results. We provide best in industry treatments and quality products for Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi.

Multiple Treatments for Hair Removal

There are multiple treatments to remove hair but not all of them remove hair permanently. Diode laser hair removal and pulsed light are different treatments to get rid of hair. Our team of experts in laser hair removal explains the 7 differences between pulsed light and diode laser hair removal.

1.Different Types of Light, Different Results

Diode laser hair removal treatments use monochromatic light, diodes, and semiconductors to selectively remove the hair root. used

Diode laser hair removal removes hair from the root and photoepilation is not selective.

Photoepilation uses non-selective polychromatic pulsed light. This type of light spreads in different areas so it does not directly affect the hair root. By not burning the hair from the root, photoepilation does not remove hair. But, rather makes it weaker and slows down its reappearance.

2. Eliminate Hair Permanently or Weaken It

Photoepilation softens hair and laser hair removal removes it forever. Diode laser hair removal is a technique to permanently remove hair. Since, it burns the hair root, preventing the hair from coming out again.

3. Hair Removal Treatment on Dark or Tanned Skin

Diode laser hair removal can perform on any type of skin, even on the lightest or darkest phototypes with definitive results.

Photoepilation cannot do on tanned skin while laser hair removal can do on any skin phototype.

Photoepilation cannot do on tanned skin or if you have recently sunbathed.

4. Safety and Technique of Hair Removal Treatments

Photoepilation is a method that can do at home. So, a study and diagnosis does not carry out prior to each hair and skin session.

Diode laser hair removal complies with safety protocols and photoepilation is a method of use at home without supervision.

Diode laser hair removal is a treatment carried out by experts in laser hair removal who comply with all safety protocols and use the most advanced technology that guarantees safety in each session.

5. Results of Laser Hair Removal and Photoepilation

Diode laser hair removal allows hair removal in a few sessions, between 7 and 12 sessions will be enough to remove the strongest and most resistant hair. Photoepilation does not remove hair, but weakens it. Can see Hair thinning after 3 to 5 sessions.

6. Light Hair and Dark Hair

Photoepilation has no effect on lighter hair. Rather, it requires that the hair be dark and hard in order to weaken it, as it is a non-selective method.

Photoepilation acts on dark hair and laser hair removal removes any type of hair.

The hair removal method you choose will have to depend in part on your hair type.

7. Diode Laser Hair Removal Removes Any Type of Hair

Diode laser hair removal removes hair of any type, including blonde or red hair. Since it burns and removes hair from the root.

In our laser hair removal centers. We perform diode laser hair removal treatments to permanently remove hair with maximum safety on any type of skin and any type of hair.

We are a group of laser hair removal and skin treatment clinics, advanced aesthetics, and Laser Session medicine corner with an innovative model.

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