Welding rigs, also known by the common name of welding trucks, have multiple purposes. They are deployed to transport equipment and tools to the job site, store supplies, and first of all, house the welder himself. A welders’ rig is designed solely for their specific needs and can be custom-made with a variety of features.

This blog post is discussed what exactly is a welding rig truck. What it is used for? Keep reading to know more about welding rigs and their usability!

Welding Rig Truck

Welding rigs are large trucks deployed to transport welding equipment. These trucks can be expensive, and they may be customized to meet the specific needs of the welder. The common variant, of a welding rig truck, is a Peterbilt model. But there are also many other types of rigs like the Kenworth, Freightliner, and Mack.

Any individual model of welding rig has its own unique features and benefits. The welder has to decide which rig is best for their needs. These custom welding rigs are known for their durability and power. Rig truck drivers must know how to properly drive these large vehicles through crowded city streets and on the open highway.

Features of Welding Rigs

The features of a welding rig truck are subject to change depending on the model and make of the truck. However, there are features common among all welding rigs that are often included in these trucks:

A welder: The topmost feature of a welding rig truck is the welder. This is the machine that is put to application, to weld metal together.

A generator: A generator is typically utilized to power the welder. This is really valuable for welders who want to weld in remote locations where there is no electricity.

Storage: Custom welding rigs basically have storage areas for welding supplies and equipment. This is for welders who want to ensure that their supplies are always close at hand.

Transportation: Welding rig trucks are normal vehicles that help to transport welding equipment and supplies to the job site.


Using Welding Rigs

  • They provide a mobile workspace. These rig trucks are designed to simplify the job of welders by providing a mobile workspace.
  • The custom welding rigs can be taken to any job site. This offers greater convenience for welders who must regularly travel to different locations.
  • They are durable. Welding rig trucks are strongly built and last long. They can sustain the harsh conditions of the job and the wear and tear of daily use.
  • They are powerful. These trucks are quite powerful and can transport a huge amount of equipment. This is useful for welders who need to transport their supplies to the job site.


To Conclude

Welding rigs provide a useful means for welders to transport their supplies and equipment conveniently to a job site. However, these specially designed trucks can be expensive and require special training to drive. To conclude always do your research and choose the right model for your needs.

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