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Have you watched most of the movies which caters on finding the suspect for a specific crime? Say for example, there were unresolved crimes way back years ago, and the role of the characters is to find out who made the crime based on the collected evidences. It may be a finger print, a voice recording, a video footage, or anything that was found on the crime scene.

These are all possible evidences in solving the crime. However, what is the process of doing a crime scene investigation. In this article, we will be discussing the basics of crime scene investigation and what are the typical scenarios along with the process.First step is to through the crime scene. The main reason for checking the scene is to gather evidences.

Anything that might help the investigators pin point the culprit. At the same manner, they are documenting these evidences for further investigation. Before getting these evidences, the investigator normally surveys the place without touching anything. He/she could take pictures and videos of the actual scenario before the important things will be collected.

Next step is to have the things analyzed. For material things, forensic experts do the job. However, for videos and voice recordings, there is a specialized division who analyzes the data. Normally, for analyzing voice recordings, they are using the sound wave measurements, mix and match the audio, and they will find a lead. Contact Crime scene cleanup Burleson TX for more help.

For video recordings, normally they are spotting the familiar places, the familiar faces, and the things that might lead them to finding the lead. For fingerprints, it is easy to determine who has the last touch since the information is all stored in the database. After a series of analysis, they will encode the information, and the mainframe computer will give connected results. all these people that have shown connection to the evidences will now be collected and set to an interrogation.

While the analysis is going through on the laboratory, the detectives are on its way questioning and citing all possible angles within a crime. They are pointing out angles that are normally connected to the series of evidences gathered and possible events before the crime happened. From time to time, he is given updates about the development of the analysis.

Normally, detectives have the lead and just follow the lead first. If their lead is not appropriate and deviates from the true lead, they shift, if the evidences are pointing the same direction where they are heading through, then they will proceed.Normally, it is easier to solve a crime if all the evidence are analyzed and all angles have been discovered. It is now time for the police department to act and find the culprit since the data collected points out the culprits.

If you think it is easy to investigate a crime, think twice. Crime scene investigation combines law, logic, and science. It is a pact of all critical processes underlying science. It is somewhat challenging for the investigators, forensic experts, and police personnel. It is one heck of a difficult and complicated job.

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