Honey is wildly known and used in the world. It needs no introduction. The lovers of honey are mostly aware of different types of honey. Or if not, they are always open to new flavors in the market and ready to explore more. By keeping in view this thing, this article will revolve around raw creamed honey. This type of honey, for sale in the US, is available in the market, with further different flavors. We will be discussing its benefits, differences, and uses to give a complete package for those who want to try this delicious honey.


Creamed Honey


What Is Creamed, Honey?

Creamed honey as the name indicates does have a creamy texture as compared to raw honey. But it does not contain any bit of the original cream in it. It is similar to raw liquid honey. But as the simple honey gets crystalized and becomes as hard as stone, very difficult to scoop it out of the jar. It’s not the case in creamed honey. Raw honey is processed in industries. They are made clear of any kind of impurities and then the procedure starts. Some seeds and starters for crystallization are added to it at a certain temperature i.e. 14C. Some make it chilled at high temperatures like 57 degrees and left it there for some days. There it produces honey with a creamy and fine texture that is easily scooped and spread over anything you want.

Difference With Raw Honey: 

  • The main difference is the texture. In raw honey, the honey becomes too crystalized as a hard material, while in creamed honey it has a very smooth and creamy texture.
  • Raw honey needs to be heated if you need it in some liquid form to eat it with your favorite snack but it is not required to do it in creamed honey.
  • Raw honey is not processed while creamed honey is treated in factories.

Types Of Creamed Honey:

There are different types of creamed honey available in the market. They are discussed below:

  • Orange Blossom

 As the name indicates, the orange blossom honey is mixed in the creamed honey. One can enjoy two different flavors with the creamy texture needed for eating. This gives a delicious taste and can be used in baking and drinks as well.

  • Cinnamon Orange 

Cinnamon orange is added as an essence to it. It adds a different taste to the creamed honey. One can enjoy two different flavors in one jar.

  • Dark Chocolate 

It is the best choice for chocolate lovers. Even if your children do not like having honey and you want them to have it because of its unlimited health benefits, then try this. It is the best combo of chocolate and honey with a creamy texture.

  • Lemon Mist 

Lemon adds its flavor to the creamed honey. This can be the best option for those who may not want honey as a sweetener only but something with an essence of sour taste.

How To Use Creamed Honey? 

After reading all the types and descriptions, you may find yourself puzzled about the usage of creamed honey in your daily life. You can use this honey for sale in the US, as per your choice.

  • Baking 

It can be used in the baking process and toping as well. For brownies, cakes, and donuts it can be used and added to give a sweet taste and texture, as per your requirement.

  • Cooking 

During cooking even, you can add it as a sweetener in chicken or meat according to your recipe. As cooking is all about experimenting with new flavors it can be your best thing to do with.

  • Breakfasts 

You can have it with your pancakes, waffles, or even as a spread on your bread. It can also be used and replaced from the jam. You just need to give it a chance to it.

  • Drinks 

It will give a delicious taste to your drink. Whether it can be added to coffee, tea, milk, or in water even.

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  • Fruits 

You can also enjoy it with your favorite fruits and can use it as a caramel topping over it.

Benefits Of Creamed Honey: 

  • No Crystallization 

Raw creamed honey does not have big crystals like raw honey. Its creamy texture covered the small crystals in it. The ones not liking the crystals in their mouth while eating it can be the best choice for them.

  • Nutritious 

It is as nutritious as raw honey. They are rich in proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. It also helps in treating anemic patients as well. It raises the energy level in the human body. They have the same health benefits as honey provides.

  • Widely Availability

It is easily available in the market. Though it is a little bit more expensive than raw honey. But it is equally loved by elders and children.

  • Unique Quality 

It has the unique quality of smooth and creamy texture. Though, it has the same nutrition level as the other types of honey. Its texture is what makes it more unique than others. 

  • Anti-Septic Properties 

It has antiseptic properties as well. It is used to treat a wound, by applying directly on it. It protects it from bacterial infection too. It is also considered good for burning wounds. It is used for the quick healing process. Its anti-bacterial property makes it more valid for curing.

  • Good For Heart 

It is good for healthy heart functioning. Honey is mostly suggested to make it everyday life routine for heart patients.

  • Helps In Stomach Issues 

If you have a stomach ache or burning sensation, honey can be of great help.

  • Relive Digestion Problems 

It can help with digestive issues as well. You have to consume it at least one time a day.

  • Blood Sugar Level 

It will help in raising the sugar level. If someone is hypoglycemic, it can act as a support system for them.

  • Sore Throat 

Honey is always good for coughing and sore throat.

By having a detailed view of raw creamed honey, if you want to get befitted by its advantages you can visit the website of Smiley Honey. It will give you the best material with different flavors in it.

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