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Even little choices like towels can be game changers in saving time and increasing customer satisfaction and car safety. Today we will consider the variances between microfiber Vs cotton for car wash and which is the best option for washing cars. 

It would help if you always used microfiber towels when you are going for car detailing. Car microfiber cloth will help you restrict the damage to your car’s exterior and interior surface and get better car results. Soft towels, made of cotton, are not so soft. It will cause scratches and swirls to your vehicle. 

Picking between the best kind and type of cloth is needed as you will need to ensure you choose something that costs less, lasts longer and provides the required quality. Choosing a car interior cleaner will make you take a long-lasting decision, and you do not need to change between multiple products. 

Microfiber Vs Cotton For Car Wash: Which Is The Best?

Microfiber towels, when compared to others, are much better when compare to cotton towels when it comes to durability and strength for car cleaning. You can consider it due to the firmness of the threads in the towels that provide excellent durability. 

How To Choose The Best Material?

The primary purpose of car detailing cloth is to soak it in water, dry the vehicle, remove the dust particles fragments and multiple other particles from the car’s surface and help with polishing and detailing. One of the essential things to remember while using a microfiber towel for detailing is ensuring that the car’s paint remains intact. The choice that can make you regret the procedure is to choose an abrasive material that can damage your car’s paint surface. There are multiple things that you need to take into consideration when you are choosing car wash towels and clothes. 


The softness level of the cloth will ensure that you are not accidentally damaging the interior or exterior of your car. Selecting a fabric that stays gentle and soft even after multiple washes is essential. When it comes to softness, microfiber towels are considered to be the best choice for car detailing and washing. Cotton material is pretty stiff, and it marks your vehicle’s paint. Microfiber has a unique fabric quality that makes it smooth and soft even without washing it. 


The durability and strength of the fabric are essential when it comes to car detailers. While microfiber and cotton towels are pretty strong, microfiber can be considered a better option for car detailing and washing. It is mainly due to the fabric tightness in the towels that provide outstanding durability and strength to help them last for a long time. 


Heavy and thicker towels are aimed to take more liquid, and thinner and lighter towels come with the benefit of quick drying. Cotton towels are bulky, and they require a lot of time to dry once they are wet. Microfiber towels are light and much thicker when you compare them to cotton towels. 


Car detailing is a challenging process and comes with multiple tasks like interior cleaning, washing, scrubbing and waxing. A professional will always feel the requirement to choose between different dimension towels for every activity. Large towels are mainly used for the vehicle’s exterior to cover the surface area and are the ideal option for car drying. They can also protect and help dry out the entire car without draining it. 


You may consider that colour is not essential, but it is. Many expert car detailers use colour-coding techniques for using towels for cleaning purposes. They use blue cloths for washing the glass, red ones for cleaning the plastics and more. In this manner, you can utilise identical towels for particular purposes. When microfiber towels come in multiple colours, they would not wash out and become another colour like a washing machine. 

Which One To Choose?

All car detailing professionals consider microfiber options to be the ideal option when they are providing rendering services. The comparison between microfiber vs cotton for car wash ends here because microfiber travels are suitable for particular purposes and offer a wide range of solutions like window cleaning, cleaning leather seats or washing the exterior portion of a car. Suppose you want to wash your car like a professional detailer. 

In that case, microfiber towels are the best option for car detailing because it helps in cleaning the dust particles throughout the detaining process and are non-abrasive. If you want to buy microfiber towels of good quality, check out Carorbis, as they have multiple ranges of microfiber towels for car detailing purposes that will not disappoint you.

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