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You can reach a global audience with the best webinar platform. Furthermore, they will offer you advanced features and functionalities to increase the work and technology at your event. Your audiences will like to explore the latest technologies that you would integrate into your webinar as Automated functioning.

Still, there are a lot of delusions about the automated webinar in people’s minds. Hence, here is a comprehensive list of misconceptions and truths for you.

  1. Automated webinars are a bad practice because they are tricky.

Automated webinars are really easy to conduct and even reach a global audience without being online. You do not have to be online during the live webinar which is the best thing for people busy with other work or just have to share some information. Furthermore, there is no difficult task in the automated webinar.

According to the online webinar platforms experts, all you need is to have a recorded video of your webinar and a proper plan to host an automated webinar. You can change the complete experience for your audience and even reach them with the announcement without hassle. However, it can be difficult sometimes, like any other event could be.

  1. Automated webinars could never replace live webinars.

People are not into live webinars that much as they are getting what they want with the automated webinar as well. Furthermore, the on-demand event live streaming services are ensuring the seamless delivery of content and more communication opportunities than before.

Hence, you do not have to think about replacing or creating a new trend as it is already there as many organizations liked the concept of automated webinars and even tried it out themselves. Also, there are already on-demand webinars that are creating a great buzz in the market already. So, you just have to pick a trustworthy live webinar platform for an outcome-driven webinar for your brand.

  1. People won’t engage with a webinar if it is automated.

The main purpose of the webinar is to share information and increase the knowledge of the audience. Hence, the most popular webinar platforms offer different elements that can keep engagement scores high for the audiences. Furthermore, people all over the world like to explore and experience new technology and get thorough knowledge of how they can achieve something better.

Your audience can not get the best online webinar experience with some videos. Hence, you need to make it more worthy and reliable for the audience’s reach. Moreover, you have to focus on the promotions of your webinar. You can not just imagine that people will come running hearing about your any type of webinar.

Here are some ideas for the promotion of your automated webinars.

  • Create a Landing Page for Your Webinar

  • Use a Countdown Timer and Calendar Feature

  • Place a Compelling CTA on Your Homepage

  • Use an Exit-Intent Pop-Up

  • Create an Automated Email Campaign

  • Tap Into Your Social Network’s Audience

  • Ask Guest Speakers to Promote Your Webinar

  • Collaborate With Partner Companies

  • Use Retargeting Ads

  • Collaborate With Influencers

  • Leverage Your Employees’ Networks

  • Write a Blog Post Around Your Webinar

  • Create Online Ads

  • Offer Incentives and Rewards to Attendees

If you will take these ideas into practice, you can achieve better success for your webinar. It will make your webinar reach a global audience and get you more registrations.

  1. People Prefer Live Webinars Over Automated Webinars

It is completely false that the audience likes or prefers live webinars more than automated or on-demand webinars. Furthermore, the interactive webinar platforms offer an advanced level of features and functionalities that can make a completely new and unique experience. Hence, you can create better endurance for audiences across the globe.

ll your audience wants is a better experience, advanced elements, and numerous other aspects that can be helpful in making a better-automated webinar for your audience. However, you have to convince your audience with your automated webinar that it can be a better choice for them as well to develop an advanced platform where they do not need any host to be live for them. They can enjoy the complete information on their own.

  1. An Automated Webinar, Which Is Pre-Recorded, Is No Different Than A Video

You and your audience may think about how an automated webinar can be. However, you will only know the truth after attending and hosting one. Hence, you need to create a better experience for your audiences. It may develop your webinar experience and give your audience a much better lifestyle and hassle-free endurance that can boost your sales easily. Furthermore, you can create high-quality content for your audience that can make them come again and again to your events as well as trust your brand products and services. The major aspect of your conducting this webinar.

BONUS TIP: Tips for Successful Webinar

  • Use the recorded video of your webinar. You can consider recording your automated webinar from scratch and editing them with various latest audio and video quality boosting tools. Furthermore, you can make the video more attractive and short for the audience by removing all the unimportant or extra clips from your videos.

  • Edit your recorded video and have Q and A’s still mentioned in the webinar. Audiences can gain a better understanding of your webinar topics and may get answers to all the common questions that they may have as well.

  • Never think that your automated webinar is a complete waste. You can encourage Sales and Scarcity even in an automated webinar if you add various links and other essential information in your automated webinar for your audiences.

  • Add in timed CTA events. Hence, you can use the countdown timer to increase the sense of urgency in the audience. It will be helpful in convincing the attendees to take action right away.

So, these are the various misconceptions that commonly people think about automated webinars. You have to understand the right ideas and reasons to hold such an automated webinar. Furthermore, you can create a better event if you understand the misconceptions created about the automated webinar and know the truth behind it.

Hope, you have got your answers to all the common misconceptions about the automated webinar in this blog!

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