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If you own a chimney, you should not ignore and overlook chimney repairs Short Hills. A chimney can be a handy and beautiful addition to a home. However, it comes with a set of responsibilities. Whether you use a wood-burning stove, a gas-burning fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace, an annual chimney cleaning and inspection is critical. We will go over some common chimney issues that demand immediate repair.


Whether you are burning pellets, wood, or gas, smoke will go up your chimney and there will be a buildup of creosote over time. There is no way around this issue. Creosote comes in different types but all the types can cause a dangerous fire if not addressed. A lot of chimney fires happen yearly because the chimney wasn’t properly cleaned. You should therefore inspect your chimney yearly to prevent chimney fires.

Spalling or cracked bricks

When chimney bricks are neglected, they can become lean and crumble. They can even collapse. Bricks can get damaged over time. It is very normal to find spalling and cracked bricks on a chimney but they can get damaged over time. A professional should replace damaged bricks to bring stability to the chimney. Make sure you work with a chimney sweep that is experienced in doing these kinds of repairs. It is cheaper to replace a few bricks than it is to deal with collapsed chimneys.

Damaged mortar

One of the best ways to avoid chimney repairs is to prevent moisture. Whether your chimney is made of stones or bricks, you should prevent moisture from damaging your chimney. It does not matter whether the mortar of your chimney is between the bricks or stones or on the crown – it can get damaged. You should tuck point to keep your chimney in great condition.

Missing/bad chimney caps

Chase covers and chimney caps protect the top of your chimney from animals, moisture, and other debris. Eventually, chase covers and chimney caps should be replaced. It is not uncommon for chimney caps to have been improperly installed. You can know this by having your chimney inspected by a professional. Your professional chimney inspector will check the efficiency and integrity of your chimney and let you know if your cover and cap are sufficient, and need to be repaired or replaced.

Cracks in the flue of your chimney

It is hard to inspect the flue of your chimney without the help of a camera. A chimney sweep company has the right cameras and equipment to do a thorough inspection of the chimney flue to check if there are any cracks, stress areas, animals or holes from time to time. When you find any areas of concern during the inspection of the chimney flue, you should know your options.

Chimney obstructions

Obstructions or blockages can be caused by several things which prevent the smoke from a fire from getting out of the chimney. If you feel like there are obstructions in your chimney, contact chimney repairs Short Hills.

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