Cloves are pungent, strong-smelling spices that add an aromatic and spicy flavor to food. They have many magikal properties and historical uses that point towards their significance as a useful and powerful herb. Culturally, cloves are used in rituals to repel or drive away negative spirits. In some parts of the world, for example in Germany, people will add cloves to their shoes, bags, or any other place where evil spirits might lurk so that they leave instead of staying. In addition to being used in food as a flavoring agent, cloves also have a number of cloves magickal properties that make them valuable as an addition to spells or potions. Let’s take a look at 11 cloves magickal properties you probably didn’t know about:

Clove Magickal Properties

Protection – Cloves have powerful protective energy that can shield you from evil spirits and people who wish you harm. If you are going to be doing a ritual that involves chanting a spell or speaking aloud, you should add cloves to help increase the power of your words so that they carry a greater force of protection. Cleansing – Cloves are a cleansing herb and can be used to cleanse objects or areas of negative energy. To do this, tie cloves in a bundle, bury them in the ground, or place them in a bowl of water. Doing this can help remove negative influences like bad luck, curses, or harmful spells. Aromatic – Cloves have a very aromatic quality that can help enhance the power of your other herbs or magical potions. If you are adding cloves to a potion, you should crush them first or grind them up using a mortar and pestle first. The aromatic quality of cloves can also be used to open up the sense of smell to receive more psychic impressions.

Protection From Evil Spirits

Cloves are often added to charms and charms to repel evil spirits. Cloves have a strong smell and can be used in an incense or an oil to drive away ghosts and evil spirits from your home. Cloves can also be added to a ritual bath to protect you from evil spirits. If you are having trouble sleeping because you are worried about evil spirits or bad dreams, you can add a few cloves to a tea and drink it before bed to help you sleep peacefully.

Cleansing Properties

The cleansing properties of cloves make them an excellent addition to any ritual bath. The cleansing properties of cloves are perfect for purification. Cloves can be added to a ritual bath to cleanse you of any negative energy or harmful thoughts that you might be carrying around with you. Cloves are such an important cleansing herb that it is common to see them added to natural cleaning products like sprays and mixtures.

Has Aromatic Qualities That Can Enhance Spells

For example, if you are doing a spell to attract a new lover, you can burn a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, and sage. This will attract new love into your life. If you are doing a spell for prosperity, you can burn cloves and juniper together to draw more money into your life. If you are doing a spell for health, you can burn cloves with rosemary to help keep negative energy away. If you are doing a spell for happiness, you can burn cloves and sage to attract positive energy. cloves magickal properties For Regain Youthfulness And New Beginnings – If you want to feel younger, you can add cloves to your bathwater to help rejuvenate your skin. If you are experiencing a difficult situation in your life that you feel is holding you back, burning cloves can help create a fresh start and shift negative energy.

Drive Away Depression Or Despair

If you are feeling depressed or melancholy, you can burn cloves to drive the dark and negative energy away. If you are feeling despair or hopeless, you can add cloves to your bathwater or put them under your pillow to help lift negative feelings of despair. Clove Magical Properties Protection – If you are doing a spell for protection, you can add cloves to your potion or burn a mixture of cloves, frankincense, and sandalwood.

Regain Youthfulness And New Beginnings

Cloves are said to be able to bring youthfulness and new beginnings. In some cultures, like in India, cloves are used to bring youthfulness, vigor, and new beginnings to marriages as a part of the bridal ceremony. Cloves can be used to make an aromatic oil that can be used to anoint wedding gifts, the bride and groom, or any other object to bring them new beginnings.

Clove Magickal Properties Protection

The clove magickal properties of protection can be used in a number of different ways. You can make an incense by grinding a couple of cloves and adding them to your incense burners to repel unwanted guests from your home. You can also add cloves to a charm bag to wear on your person so that you will be protected from unwanted guests. You can use the clove magical properties of protection to keep people away from you that you don’t want to interact with.


Cloves are a pungent spice that add an aromatic and spicy flavor to food. They also have many magical properties that can be used in spells or potions for protection, cleansing, and to enhance other herbs. If you are looking for an herb that has a strong and powerful aroma, then cloves are a good option to consider.


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