Desirulez non stop entertainment is an free and online app which allows the users to listen to music, watch sizzling and hot TV Shows, super-hit movies, download and share the videos, watch full-length content and movies and talk about everything Desi! 

It is considered to be one of the most popular mobile apps in the whole Asia and it is also available to use in more than 45 languages which makes it more user-friendly. 


All the content that is available on this platform is categorised in different and multiple sections like movies, TV shows, wrestling shows, time pass, music and there are plenty of others. Each of the categories further consists of multiple sections and options which can be viewed and managed accordingly. 


Now as you scroll down, you will find out a lot of details about what exactly are the best things about this site, what are its estimated data reports, which are its best alternatives and much more. So keep reading to find out all the information. 


Some more information and Estimated data-report of desirulez non stop entertainment


Desirulez was started on 27 February, 2009 and is 13 years 9 months old currently. Ti was last updated on 28 January, 2019. There are some essential details about this platform which are as:


  1. It is ranked #757 608 in the whole world according to the Alexa Rankings.


  1. The regional rank of this platform is #303 608.


  1. The country host of this app is the United States of America and so it’s most popular there. 


  1. This website is estimated to have a worth of almost 97 Dollars and has a daily income of around 237 dollars as advertisement revenue per month.


  1. The google page speed of this website is 70, which is considered good and it has a server response of 0.5106 seconds.


  1. Also, there are no recent reported threats of using this website by any user and the status of anti-virus check is also good, so it is completely safe to browse desirulez.


Now the details of its estimated data report are as:


  1. Estimate Pageviews-


  1. Daily: 4,143
  2. Monthly: 124,301
  3. Yearly: 1,491,612


  1. Estimated Unique Visitors-


  1. Daily: 83
  2. Monthly: 2,486
  3. Yearly: 29,832


  1. Estimated Ad Income-


  1. Daily: 8 Dollars
  2. Monthly: 237 Dollars
  3. Yearly: 2844 Dollars


What are the best things about desirulez non stop entertainment app?


There are some things that make this website and app better than any other. These are:


  1. It offers complete and full length content. You will never find anything half-cut or not complete on this platform. 


  1. It offers a simple interface which is very user-friendly and also fast streaming so you can enjoy it to the fullest.


  1. Like many other apps and websites, it also has a ‘search bar’ option, where you can search for the TV show, movie or music that you want to hear or watch and you will certainly find everything on this.


  1. It is free to download its app from the play store and then it is also very easy to use it.


  1. All you need to do is just signup via your email address or facebook account and then you can just start streaming unlimited content on it without any buffering or irritation.


  1. One more interesting thing about this platform is that you can also watch wrestling shows on this and not only you can watch it but you can also share it with others. Amazing, right?


And there are many more such amazing features that you will certainly find out when you start using it yourself.


Names of some best alternatives of desirulez non stop entertainment


There are many alternatives of desirulez that are available online which you can check in case you are unable to access this. 


Some of its best alternatives are as:


  1. HBO NOW- so this is a very actively used online platform where you can watch a number of movies, Tv serials and shows. It is also one of the leading apps that provides Hollywood movies in full length. With HBO NOW, you can stream a lot of things like you can watch big premiers, all the top-rated movies and also every episode of some of HBO’s addictive series that includes Game of Thrones, Deuce etc.


So to access it, all you need to do is download its app and then signup with a real account on which you will get a free 1-month trial of the app and then you can start watching your favourite and preferred content on your device.


  1. Flipps- This is another best alternative of desirulez non stop entertainment. It is also an amazing place where you can watch all types of content like movies, Tv serials, shows, Youtube, news and much more. It also has more than 100 channels for unlimited entertainment, even beyond the standard TV guide. That’s too much, right?


It also contains a massive collection of the documentaries and top moves so it’s the best place to catch up with all that. One of the best things about this application is that it offers a feature of ‘on-demand’ where it allows the user to make a request in case any desired content is not available on the platform.


  1. JustWatch- Third in the list is JustWatch which is considered to be one of the most elegant and addictively designed platforms for everyone who loves watching entertaining stuff like movies. It is also one of the best alternatives to desirulez non stop entertainment as it is an online platform where you can do unlimited streaming of latest movies, channels and shows. 


This app also guides you through all the best streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, NEtflix, HBO Go, Hulu and more. You can also keep checking on new movies in the cinema and on all the upcoming content and new releases. You can also purchase tickets through this app. 




Desirulez non stop entertainment is an online platform and app which is a kind of desi forum for entertainment and also for discussions for all types of issues. You can search for anything here like movies, Tv shows, music and much more. It has some amazing features which makes it a great app to use. So if you have not used it till now, then go and download it right now and check out yourself. 


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