Centricity EMR Vs Clearwave Software

With the changing healthcare landscape, investing in online tools for practice management has become crucial. A good remote EMR (electronic medical record) manager can revolutionize the way clinics work. Centricity and Clearwave are two reliable options for doctors and clinicians who want to simplify their practice. This Centricity EMR vs Clearwave Software comparative guide will offer insight into their key features. It will also provide you with information about how to access their prices and demos! 

What is Centricity EMR? 

Centricity is intended for large-scale medical practices that need online clinical management solutions. The solution combines clinical and financial management tools. It is accessible via tablets and mobile devices. It enables doctors and other healthcare workers to carry and update patients’ medical information while on the road. Centricity can be used in conjunction with many medical devices and imaging systems. It is patient-centered and contains a set of reporting tools. 

What is the Clearwave Software? 

Clearwave is a cloud-based patient check-in solution for hospitals and healthcare organizations. It also provides a patient registration and check-in kiosk application. This software assists practices in managing and tracking patient visits. They can also capture patient data in a self-service mode. It also offers features such as insurance eligibility and verification checks. It integrates custom forms for data collecting, claims administration, and more. 

Centricity EMR  

Let’s briefly wrap up the features offered by the Centricity EMR Software:  

Patient Portals 

The patient portal allows patients and clinicians to communicate with one another. Patients can use the interface for scheduling appointments and paying bills. Doctors can notify their parents of forthcoming visits or prescriptions. 

Electronic Prescriptions 

Physicians can use this technology to send refill requests to pharmacies. They can also check for possible drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions. The information is based on the patient’s diagnosis and current medication. Drug tracking is made workable by reducing the likelihood of drug errors. 

Appointment Management 

This application helps you arrange appointments and detect patients at risk. It can even handle specialized equipment and exam rooms. Scheduling can be done with patient reminders. It allows you to maximize the usage of exam rooms and equipment while minimizing no-shows. 

Specialty Support 

Here is a list of specialties supported by the Centricity EMR: 

  • Cardiology  
  • Orthopedic  
  • Neurology  
  • ICU  
  • Electrophysiology  

An Affordable Solution for Physicians! 

The initial cost of GE’s Centricity is high due to the implementation process. 

Centricity provides a bespoke subscription option to its users. It does, however, err on the costly side. 

Contact its sales staff to find out how much Centricity will cost you. 

Before You Purchase… A Demo! 

Seeing a live Centricity EMR demo before investing would be more beneficial. During the live demo, you can address any questions you have about Centricity’s capability. 

Contact Software Finder customer service to schedule a Centricity EMR demo. 

Do People Like Centricity EMR? 

The Centricity EMR has a rating of 4/5 on Software Finder.  

Users appreciate Centricity for its “ease of use when it comes to scheduling patients.” 

Centricity EMR “is really intuitive and makes it simple to pick up work where you left off.” 

Doctors also enjoy Centricity for its accuracy in showing patient charts.  

Some users think that Centricity tends to lag and slow down a lot of the time.  

Clearwave Software  

Let’s take a quick look at Clearwave software features: 

Insurance Management 

Clearwave’s insurance eligibility capabilities assist clinicians in automatically determining which patient is qualified for insurance coverage. It also assists them in generating cost estimates for patients and requesting copays and balances. Payments can also be securely processed with Clearwave.

Integration Options 

Clearwave interacts with over 50 popular electronic medical records. It allows you to decrease your IT footprint while maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient data. This EMR integrates with other EMRs, including: 

  • AdvancedMD  
  • Allscripts  
  • Epic 
  • Nextech 
  • SRSHealth, and more.   

Patient Reminders  

A reminder of the appointment is issued. The patient receives an early text or email and a real-time text message if the visit is same-day. It offers automatic eligibility checking before booking appointments.  

Specialty Support 

The Clearwave software supports the following specialties: 

  • Dermatology 
  • OBGYN 
  • Neurology  
  • Cardiology  
  • Oncology  

A Budget-Friendly Option for Clinics  

The Clearwave software offers customizable pricing plans to its users. The customizable cost makes it possible for clinics of all sizes to scale the software.  

To get a budget-friendly subscription option for your practice, contact Clearwave customer support.  

Seal the Deal… Watch a Demo! 

It is best to watch a demo of Clearwave software before you commit to a paid subscription plan. The Clearwave customer rep walks you through the software’s features during the live demo. 

To book a live Clearwave software demo, get in touch with the Software Finder customer support team.  

And, Are Users Satisfied with Clearwave? 

The Clearwave software has a rating of 4.5/5 on Software Finder. 

So, Based on the Clearwave software reviews, it helps in “eliminating long waiting queues.” 

Physicians also appreciate that it can “insurance eligibility of patients.” 

Clearwave needs to work on its “patient kiosk, which is not very robust.” 

Let’s Wrap It Up… Centricity EMR vs Clearwave Software  

Centricity EMR has capabilities that can help healthcare organizations streamline their patient management. It focuses on improving the care they give and reducing costs. It also provides consumer data protection because of managed hosting. The client data storage is also HIPAA compliant. 

Clearwave is an all-in-one patient engagement platform. It enables specialist offices, hospitals, and health systems to boost patient access. Hence, Clearwave Scheduling offers patient self-scheduling, referral management, and contact center triage software solutions. It also provides digital patient check-in solutions. It provides real-time online scheduling via various channels, including the internet, chatbot, IVR, and patient portal. 

Concludingly, Centricity and Clearwave are dependable clinic management solutions. So, choosing between these two options might be difficult. Watching their demos and comparing their prices will help you weigh them before you decide which one to scale.

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