Myrtle Beach is all about a wide coastline and miles of shores to explore. This travel destination is famous because it offers its explorers the sense of being free. Myrtle Beach can be regarded as the wanderers’ haven because of its wide beach and diverse nature. From bustling beaches to remote serenity, Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone.

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The travel guides at Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach have been developing Myrtle Beach travel plans for a long time. The travel guides encourage people to know about the travel destinations before setting off for vacation. Myrtle Beach is a diverse destination to explore. It has warm beaches and bright sunrise to keep travelers happy. Yet, the same Myrtle Beach turns into a quiet beach with a frozen shore during the winter. Therefore, before coming to Myrtle Beach, one needs to know it from the core. Here is a quick look at Myrtle Beach and its changing vibe.

Myrtle Beach – January To February

Myrtle Beach usually sees a low number of tourists during January. Because it is the coldest month, people stay away from the frozen air. Hotel prices go down with the number of people. It becomes easy to find a room at a low price here. Also, one can get oceanfront accommodation at a surprisingly affordable price during January. Concerts and other events remain shut down during the winter. In February, the hotel rates slowly go up. This month sees the beginning of golf season. Festivals don’t take place during February either.

Myrtle Beach – March To May

Spring blooms with color and tourists, and hotels begin to open with the growing number of tourists. College students come here looking for a party and a good time. April in Myrtle Beach is all about warm days and pleasantly cool nights. The room rates go high but not as high as during the tourist season. Warm weather comes upon Myrtle Beach during May. However, the beach does not get crowded despite the departure of the winter wind. Motorcycle rallies take place during the month of May in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach – June To August

Heat increases during June. With the sunray going bright, comes the crowd. Beach gets filled with families and students. June is the beginning of hurricane season in Myrtle Beach. For this reason, tourists need to stay updated about the weather condition. In July the hotel rates go up high as the number of tourists increases. A series of events take place during this month. August is hot and humid. Yet, the number of tourists decreases in August because schools start to open in August. Also, the hurricane begins to surge at the end of August.

Myrtle Beach – September to December

The number of tourists goes down significantly with the arrival of September. It allows people to relax on the beach in peace. In October, the temperature begins to dip. But the water remains warm enough to enjoy. The fear of hurricanes also vanishes during October. From November, events begin to shut down and the hotel room rates decrease. In December, the weather becomes chilly. But one can still get to enjoy a couple of warm days.

The travel experts of Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach say that it is easy to enjoy a Myrtle Beach vacation. One just needs to plan accordingly.

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