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Netgear Orbi router when configured in a proper way via orbilogin.net works like a bridge between your modem, satellite, and computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. If you live in a big house or apartment, installing Netgear Orbi will be one of the finest options to consider. The device (Netgear Orbi) extends the modem’s existing WiFi signals to far corners to the house, turning dead zones into fun zones. But, for this, there is a need of connecting your Netgear Orbi to modem in an effective manner.

What happened? Getting issues while making a Orbi-modem connection? Need not to worry! Fortunately, the connectivity issues can be fixed in blink of an eye by following the hacks provided here. Thus, continue reading!

Note: This guide and the fixes provided here can be applied on any Netgear Orbi model. Keep reading!

Fixed: Can’t Connect Orbi to Modem

Outlined below are the topmost fixes following which troubleshooting “Orbi not connecting to modem” issues will be as fun as egg-and-spoon race for you. Here we go!

Fix 1: Bring Your Orbi and Modem Closer

Perhaps your Netgear Orbi router is placed away out of the modem’s range which is letting you experience the issue. All you need to do:

  • Unplug your devices and plug them in close proximity.

  • Just in case, you don’t have the wall socket for your Netgear Orbi to plug in near to your modem, kindly make use of extension cord instead. Apart from this, ensure that the wall plug is not fluctuated.

Now, see if bringing your devices closer has fixed the issue for you or not. In case it doesn’t, straightaway head over to the next fix.

Fix 2: Use an Ethernet Cable

To connect your Netgear Orbi router and modem you must put your hands on the Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable in to the Orbi and other end to your modem. But, before putting the Ethernet cable in use, make sure that it has no cuts or damages on it. Apart from this, make sure the Ethernet connection between your Orbi and modem is finger-tight. And, if you don’t have the Ethernet cable, then a wireless source can also be used for making an Orbi-modem connection.

After making a connection between your Netgear Orbi router and modem see whether it has been successfully made or not by accessing Orbi router login page.

Fix 3: Reboot Your Orbi

Major, and sometimes, minor technical glitches can also lead to Orbi-modem connectivity issues. Thus, power cycling or rebooting your Netgear Orbi router is one of the best fixes to consider to get rid of connectivity issues. Thus, scroll down a little and know how to reboot the Orbi.

  • First and foremost, disconnect your Orbi and modem.

  • Secondly, you have to unplug your Netgear Orbi from its respective wall socket.

  • Now, you have to wait for some time and then, you can plug in Orbi back.

  • Once you are done, reconnect the Orbi and your modem using an Ethernet cable or wireless source.

Hopefully, after applying the fixes listed above, you are able to get rid of “Netgear Orbi router not connecting to modem” issue. In the event that you are still pulling your hair because of the issue, then consider resetting your Orbi device back to factory default settings.

How to Perform Orbi Factory Reset Process?

Note: There is huge difference between Netgear Orbi reset and reboot process. Rebooting is just meant for giving your Orbi new start. And, resetting Orbi means to take it to factory settings. Don’t be confused!

  • Do not unplug your Orbi, but disconnect it from your modem.

  • Locate the Orbi factory reset hole.

  • Press and hold it, and wait for a couple of seconds.

  • Release it.

After you are done completing the Orbi reset process, configure it from the scratch by accessing orbi Netgear login page.

To Conclude

And, with this last troubleshooting hack, we are going to conclude our article. We really hope that after following the fixes listed here you are now able to connect your Netgear Orbi and modem. On the off chance if the same issue troubles you in the future as well, then check your internet connectivity. The reason being, slow or poor internet connectivity may also give you issues while making a connection between your devices. Regarding internet-related issue, we suggest you coordinate with your internet service provider. He will improve the internet speed for you so that you can easily connect your Orbi with modem.

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