Most brands have reservations about customized services and take them as money-wasting. This is not a fact. Custom-made boxes can be the most cost-effective and reliable way to achieve business success. Are you in the retail business and looking for effective strategies to improve the sales of the cannabis business? Yes! Then leave worries regarding your cannabis business and get ready to make your brand’s name distinguishable in the market. You have been to the exact place. This blog will help you understand that the best quality cannabis blunt boxes must be your go-to choice and how they prove helpful in making your business a success.

A Unique Box’s Style Help in Establishing the Distinct Identity of Your Brand:

A unique and stylishly designed box’s style identifies your brand’s products. The first thing customers notice about a product while visiting the shop/ store is its presentation. How it is displayed on the store shelves. Counter display boxes, a die-cut box with PVC sheet, and a blunt box with hang tabs can be the most convenient and reasonable options. First of all, they keep blunts inside, compacted and unharmed. Secondly, their placement on the store shelves can help grab the customer’s attention at first glance. Ultimately, it can lead to the improvement of the product’s sales.

Retain the Freshness of Cannabis Blunts with Premium Box Packaging:

Undoubtedly, the customers make sure to buy those blunts that smell fresh. The toughest job in the cannabis business is to give safe and long-lasting storage to the blunts. Blunts can get soggy and moist due to some environmental factors. The box’s material hugely affects the real nature of the blunts. A blunt box manufactured with average-quality material will fail to preserve the natural flavor of the blunts regardless of its furnishing with incredible add-ons and laminations. That’s why you must be very careful when selecting the packaging material. We suggest selecting kraft and cardboard paper for manufacturing of custom  blunt packaging wholesale. You can choose brown kraft paper for a more organic and eco-friendlier look. However, cardboard boxes wholesale are a good option. You can customize cardboard paper with prints, coatings, embellishments, etc.

Set Your Cannabis Brand Apart with Blunt Box Logo:

In this digital age, brand advisement has become obligatory practice. Brands are adopting different strategies for brand promotion. All these methods are money and time-consuming. An exclusive blunt box packaging can be the best source of company endorsement. The blunt box printed with the brand’s logo makes the brand’s products notable in the crowd. Moreover, it gets marked in their minds and makes it easy for buyers to recall it while shopping in the future. You can design a blunt dispenser box with the logo image and laminate it with foil stamp and embossing to prominent the patterns.

Give a Captivating Look to Cannabis Blunt Packaging with Finishings:

Do you want to give an impressive ending touch to the blunt box packaging and make them stand out on the store shelves? We suggest adorning the box with the enhancement that will appeal to clients in grabbing the blunts from the store shelves. The add-ons and finishing options include:

  •  Die-cut with PVC
  •  Embossing
  •  Foil stamping
  •  Gloss laminations
  •  Inserts
  •  Hemp rope
  •  Hang tabs

With the help of die-cuts, customers can take a preview of the blunts and smell their freshness. The use of PVC help in preventing blunts from getting contaminated. Embossing and foil stamps are applied to uplift a specific tagline or logo. On the other hand, applying a gloss finish on a specific part adds shine and creates vibrant and striking colors. The addition of inserts in the sleeve box looks appealing and keeps blunts intact. Besides, if you have to ship or load the boxes, you can tighten them with hemp rope.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes for Custom Blunt Packaging Wholesale?

Why choose us? You will get what you wish. Our company equips a dedicated team of manufacturers who ensure to deliver 100% customer’s guaranteed service at the promised time.  However, you can convey your requirements, and our designers will create the exact custom blunt box wholesale you requested. So, connect with iCustomBoxes to avail of first-rate services at reasonable prices.


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