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Writing problems have continued to haunt students for generations. Unfortunately, parents and many educators dismiss genuine concerns regarding Assignment learning problems and blame students for their lack of enthusiasm and laziness. But, instead of feeling motivated after being accused of such misdeeds, students become demoralised and lose their motivation to improve (who could have guessed?).

However, several researchers and academics have dug deeper to uncover the pressing issues students face when writing their assignments. In an article, Regina G. Richards sums up some of the leading concerns, which include the following:

  • Issues with organising ideas
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the task
  • Inability to frame grammatically correct sentences
  • Struggling to arrange arguments logically
  • Lack of writing speed

Students who encounter such issues when writing assignments lose their motivation once they fail to achieve a high grade. As a result, the demand for Data Structure Assignment Help services has increased significantly over the past few years.

Why Should You Rely on Your Own Writing Abilities?

While the abundance of academic assignment providers certainly lets you sigh in relief, they’re not a pocket-friendly option. Hiring professional scholars can cost you anything between USD 20 – USD 500, depending on the complexity of your paper. So, it’s not an ideal alternative because you’ll end up emptying all your savings by getting professional help.

Moreover, many students have had many issues with these assignment providers. So unless you choose a reliable service, you’ll end up dealing with:

  • Late assignment submissions
  • Lack of transparency
  • Low-quality writing

Hence, there’s no better option than relying on your writing skills instead of emptying your pockets by hiring unreliable professional writing services whenever you need essay help.


6 Tips to Elevate Your Writing Skills

There’s a significant difference between writing assignments for high school and writing academic papers for university. Slight mistakes and sentence issues which your teachers might have given a pass earlier will get a different treatment once you reach a higher academic level. So, you need to improve your writing skills to meet college and university standards regarding assignment writing.

Writing might seem intimidating at first, especially when you don’t see any improvement in your grades. But it’s genuinely not as scary as it looks. All you have to do is follow these six tips:


1.  Identify the areas you need to improve

Anyone with good writing skills can communicate effectively through written words. To be more precise regarding what constitutes writing skills, this person must have complete control over the following:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence construction
  • Syntax
  • Tenses
  • Spelling
  • Research abilities
  • Structuring answers
  • Clarity in writing

Before you improve your writing skills, you must first identify the areas that require more effort. Do you have trouble framing your sentences, or is the lack of suitable vocabulary lowering your assignment quality? Once you analyse your writing, you’ll be able to detect the sections that you’re lacking in and focus on improving those areas.


2. Go back to revising basic grammar

There’s nothing worse than incorrect grammar in an academic assignment, especially if you have to write an English paper. Regardless of the subject, incorrect grammar makes it challenging to express your thoughts and can be too distracting for the readers. Therefore, the best option is to wipe the dust off your grammar books and start revising them from scratch.

Usually, most students struggle with the following:

  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Placement of punctuation marks
  • Using unnecessary capitalisation
  • Confusing possession with plural
  • Writing run-on sentences
  • Sentence fragments
  • Composing overly complicated sentences

Most of these issues get resolved quickly once you revise the basic grammatical rules and practice writing sentences daily.


3. Expand your reading list

It would be best if you didn’t underestimate the power of reading to improve your writing skills. The more you read, the more you’re exposed to various writing styles. You’ll also have the opportunity to witness sentences with perfect grammar, expand your vocabulary, and pick up unique ways to present your thoughts.

The genre doesn’t matter. You can pick out a bestseller, a romance novel, a thriller, or even an online article (as long as it’s from a credible source), and you’re sure to notice an improvement in your writing skills. If you aren’t a big reader, you can ask your friends, family members and peers for recommendations.


4. Develop a structure for your answer

If you’ve ever witnessed the construction of a building, you’ll notice how the engineers build the foundation and then construct the beams. This structure forms the basic framework that lends support to the entire building. They don’t just throw in bricks wherever they please and hope for the best. The process of writing well involves a similar system. If you have trouble organising your thoughts, developing a structure for your ERP Assignment Help is the best option.

In this case, you go through the topic to understand what you need to accomplish and then conduct preliminary research to develop a clearer idea of what you must incorporate in your paper. Finally, you come up with a framework for your answer. Note down the points you’d like to include, arrange them sequentially under headers, and then fit your ideas together like a puzzle to make logical sense.


5. Edit and proofread your papers

In a rush to complete assignments, most students tend to skip past editing and proofreading. But this takes away your opportunity to identify the mistakes and rectify them. As tempting as it is to submit your work the second it’s complete, there’s a 99% chance your answer will include at least a few spelling and grammatical issues. That’s why sparing at least 10-15 minutes revising the content can improve your writing skills dramatically.

While it’s ideal to check your papers for errors at least a day or two after their completion to ensure you can view them objectively, it might not be possible to spare such time. In such cases, step away from your writing for at least 30 minutes before checking it for errors.


6. Make an effort to implement feedback

No matter how skilled you believe you are at writing, it’s always best to seek a third person’s objective opinion. Your professors and peers will be able to pinpoint the sections that require more polish. However, don’t just ignore their feedback without implementing them. If they have made valid points and your writing has scope for improvement, your primary objective should be to fix those issues without delay.

The best option to eliminate writing problems is to practice writing daily. As the age-old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Thus, writing a journal or diary will allow you more opportunities to implement the feedback you receive on your writing.

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Will Boosting Your Writing Skills Guarantee Better Grades?

Improving your writing skills is guaranteed to help you score better grades on your assignments. When your work is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes, contains proper punctuation and is structured perfectly, it leaves a good impression on the instructor’s mind. Moreover, it showcases your attention to detail and allows you to communicate your thoughts better.

But the benefits of good writing skills aren’t restricted to academia. In any professional field, you’d require these skills to exchange ideas with clients, communicate with others and ensure your thoughts are adequately conveyed. Therefore, you should make haste to polish your skills to perfection.


To sum it up,

Writing skills are an important asset that allows you to express your thoughts appropriately. In addition to improving your chances of securing an A+, it prepares you for effective communication in the professional world. However, if you need more confidence in your writing skills, follow the six tips mentioned in this blog. While you won’t see miraculous improvement overnight, keep practising, and you can improve your abilities within a few months.


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Jack Thomas is a guest lecturer at several institutes in the UK and provides online assignment help at She has completed her Master’s in English and has 10+ years of teaching experience. Her hobbies include volunteering at the local shelter and painting.

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