Here are some thoughts and my personal review of his book


Trainer Tony Dungy is credited with being the first African Montessori toy Here are some thoughts and my personal review of his book Quiet Strength.


As Coach Dungy mentioned in his book Quiet Strength, most experts didn’t and didn’t believe that this particular book will sell well because there is no dirty laundry or other controversial issues that are common in most sports books. Instead, he is not ashamed to speak about his faith and spirituality as it is a fundamental aspect of his life, his family life and this book.


The book is more about where he came from and how he applies biblical principles to overcome specific obstacles and enjoy specific victories in his life.


Many of the tragedies and obstacles he faced were the death of his parents, not being drafted out of college, moving from a championship team to a recovery team, career changes, hiring and firing, firing and hiring, the death of a child, and the ongoing uncertainty (but later revelation) of events in life.


Many of the wins and victories he had achieved after experiencing trials and tribulations, most notably winning the Super Bowl. Other wins include meeting and marrying his wife, his children, adopting children, a head coaching job, another head coaching job after his sacking, seeing his players grow and become more of a person (and not just as players) develop to see his players become men of character for their families and the continued discovery of God’s blessings in life.


The book outlines his journey and path that is part of life. Things happen for a reason. Things happen for God’s reasons that don’t necessarily coincide with our reasons.


I respect how Coach Dungy discusses and mentions that we should always give glory to God, not just when God is blessing us. We should especially give glory to God when he humbles us in our lives. When he humbles us, it is difficult and challenging to glorify God. But as Coach Dungy points out in his book, Lot (in the Bible) always gave glory to God – in good times and bad.


The book reinforces those traits and qualities that give a Montessori book person inner strength through spiritual and family growth. Coach Dungy also mentions how unique his parents were because they complemented each other’s differences. His mother was more on the go and sporty. His father was more intellectual and calmer. From this he drew his quiet strength.

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