Town Hall 4 is the most popular level. It is great for learning amazing strategies to build the best possible Best th4 base. Most players love this level, as it unlocks all spells and heroes. The clash of clans in base th 4 is the first step to designing a clan that is most secure and has fewer defence structures. Simply put, th 4 base can be described as a level of training to improve your game. We have provided the best th4 layout guides and discussed some of our best strategies and tactics for building the best base layout.


Best TH4 Base 2023


There are many bases to choose from and each one has its pros and cons. Make sure to add 2020 to your th4 priority list while you are creating the amazing th4 base link. To build the safest th4 base layout, the second thing to consider is where you place your buildings. Your clan will be 40 percent more secure if it is divided into smaller sections. Your base will be 60% more secure if you use the maximum hard wall around it.


Best TH4 Base Farming Layouts


We have compiled some simple and beautiful base layouts to help you stay on the game’s server for longer periods of time. The base is divided into smaller sections and has a defence army that surrounds the entire clan. In the middle is the town hall 9 base farming layouts  which includes a clan castle and hidden tesla. Mortar is also kept. The outer clan includes the barrack, army camps and dark elixir storage. These buildings can be used to defend against ground and air attackers. It is also well-systematised with top buildings and towers making it one the most powerful th4 bases.


Best Town Hall 4 Base


This base layout is loved by many players. The base contains a large compartment that houses the town hall, which is filled with mortar, cannon, and other incredible buildings. The base is divided into three sections, each with a hidden tesla and a cannon. For extra protection and security, the entire builder hall 7 base is enclosed by a hard wall with a maximum height. Outside the clan are barracks and dark barracks as well as clan castles and arm camps. These buildings can be used to attack ground and air attackers.


Town Hall 4 Base with Copy link


This base layout is my favourite, and I use it to protect clash of clans bases. This is the perfect undefeated town hall 5 base, as it offers amazing building placement strategies and unlocked buildings. The layout design is amazing. This clan is highly secure and protected because it was built with the exact specifications of each building.


Level 4 Town Hall Base


These two bases are amazing, with perfect design and strategic placements of buildings. The best town hall 8 base is divided into four sections. In the middle section, the town hall and hard wall are placed. The remaining three sections are made up of mortar, cannon, clan castle and air defense. This combination of buildings will keep the ground and air attackers away from your clan. Some of the most beautiful buildings, such as barsracks, gold storage and towers, are not located in this war base layout.


Town Hall 4 Base Layout Defense


This best th4 base’s placement of buildings is truly amazing. It’s unlike any other bases. The best base layout is divided into five sections. The clan castle and the town hall are kept in the middle compartment. Two incredible defense structures are housed in the central compartment for protection.


TH4 War Layout link


For extra security, the combination of hidden mortar and tesla is ideal. The central compartment is surrounded by four square sections. These sections contain many incredible buildings, including storage towers and cannons. There are many amazing buildings outside of the wall that form the boundary for the entire clan.



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