Are you visiting the Global Village this holiday season? Besides the thrill and adventure, the Global village is also home to some of the best outdoor dining places. These outdoor dining places in Dubai are known for their mouth-watering cuisines prepared by the best chefs. 


Let’s Now Look At Some Outdoor Dining Areas At The Global Village

Koliba Restaurant

Koliba Restaurant is among the top outdoor dining places in Dubai‘s Global Village, which focuses on delicious cuisine mostly. Everyone’s favourite, spicy and slow-cooked “Bosnian Lamb” is the best dish you must try.


The meat is prepared on a mixed grill. They offer various cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, and Asian, which will be available for you to experience. They choose naturally produced, fresh products; the majority of the natural components in the recipes are plant-based and, consequently, seasonal.


Persian Kebab Restaurant

Enjoy the delicious Persian Kebabs and skewered pieces of marinated beef that have been expertly grilled. This lively, busy restaurant is one of the best in Global Village and has a great ambience. They serve excellent kebabs, including Joojeh, Chelo kebabs and Kubibeh.


Persian Kebab is a one-of-a-kind, lavish carnival that pleases the heart, the sight, and the soul. They provide a wide variety of delicious kebabs prepared with a generous amount of saffron and fresh ingredients. To provide their customers with an authentic dining experience, most of their skewers are grilled over charcoal.


Shawarma Almusili Restaurant

The Shawarma Almusili Restaurant offers flavourful meat seasoned with well-calibrated spices and presented with the mayor, mint chutney, and finely chopped onions. This is among the most liked outdoor dining in Dubai for shawarma lovers, offering a broad selection of dishes—most of which are not vegetarian.


This restaurant is well known in Dubai’s Global Village for its delicious and fresh Chicken Tikka and Shawarma Rolls. The meal is pleasantly finished off with a cup of hot tea, or if you’d prefer something creamier, they have a variety of delectable dessert alternatives. 


Takism Turkish Restaurant

The Taksim Turkish Restaurant offers the most genuine Turkish food. Serving delicious meat meals, starting with the chef’s signature “Tombik Kafta,” a lamb dish that is well-cooked, tender, and complemented by various colourful side dishes.


In addition to numerous specialities to tempt your taste buds, you must experience their warm traditional Turkish hospitality. Turkish food has a lot more to offer than just meat skewers. Turkish cuisine will undoubtedly delight your taste buds in a way that leaves you not only amazed but also craving for more. Whether you want to eat a main dish, snacks, juices, or desserts, this restaurant in the Global Village is a Turkish fare to try out.


Dim Sum Dynasty

One of the best fine dining restaurants in Dubai’s Global Village is Dim Sum Dynasty. Their meals are made using fresh, well-cooked ingredients and are served in a traditional Chinese manner. They serve everything from fried to boiled dishes, steamed buns, and desserts.


At the Dim Sum Dynasty, they cater to different tastes, be it the mild flavours of the classical sour soup, Cantonese sweet, or the spiciness of Szechuan sizzlers. Lamb, pig, chicken, vegetables, and fish are some popular options.



Food aficionados visiting the Global village must stop at Nowruz, which provides a variety of Iranian cuisine. Traditional Iranian meals are garnished with saffron threads of the highest quality. Dolme BargE Mo, Mas O Khiyar, and Panir-O Sabzi Khordan are a few of their highly distinctive meals. The restaurant’s renowned dessert, Golabi Zaferani E Bastani, is made with poached saffron pears and served with ice cream. For a hearty supper with your family, do visit the Nowruz restaurant at the Global Village.


Le Patchouli Café

Le Patchouli Café is among the best cafés in Dubai’s Global village. They provides a variety of delicious delights. It was recently opened in Global Village on October 25, 2022. It is known for its delicious desserts, including Baby shark, Snickers, Patcho 2020, Chocolate Cake and many more. If you are looking for a perfect breakfast at Global village, the Le patchouli cafe has a special menu for you.


Bosnian House

Authentic Bosnian food is one of the nicest things to eat in Global Village. The meat served at Bosnian House is authentic, tasty meat made using local, fresh ingredients. Cevapcici, Pitas, and Bosnian Kebabs are some favourites on their menu, and they offer a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.


The restaurant’s ambience and mouth-watering food will submerge you in Bosnia’s deeply ingrained culture. They only offer food in a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. They also have outside seating where you can enjoy your meal with a view of the Global Village.



If you are a Pasta and Pizza lover, then Piero offers the best  outdoor dining in Dubai. This Global village restaurant will serve Italian and Mexican food prepared with the finest ingredients. This restaurant has some unique food offerings, such as their wonderful SweetHeart Dessert and brownies, sandwiches, and cold drinks.


Summing Up: 

So, head out to le patchouli or any other restaurant of your choice on your next trip to Global Village and indulge yourself in their mouth-watering delicacies. Besides the best food, these outdoor dining spaces are also known for offering the best view, where one can enjoy their meal with a view of the Global Village adventure park. 


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