Best College for BA LLB in Delhi

Online learning resources are the learning resources that are available online, not in printed form. Internet technologies have enabled online learning resources where learning content can be accessed anywhere. Best online learning resources include online audio/video lectures, online notes, assignments, virtual labs, multimedia, online learning simulations, a digital library, journals, and databases. It falls in the category of asynchronous learning where the learning path and pace are determined by the learner. Time flexibility is the key where learners decide the time as per work and academic life. Online learning resources can support and enhance the learning experience. The online learning resources have been clinical along with traditional learning which includes classroom learning. Online learning resources are flexible and affordable. The Ministry of human resource development (MHRD) of India initiated a number of online learning resource projects to assist students, researchers, teachers, and lifelong learners in their studies. The online learning resources of MHRD are SWAYAM, SWAYAMPRABHA, National Digital Library, e-Yantra, FOSSEE, Virtual Labs, e-gyankosh, Gyan Darshan, Gyan Vani, DIKSHA, E-pathshala, e-PG Pathshala, e-ShodhSindhu, Shodhganga, Shodh Shudhhi, VIDWAN, Spoken Tutorial, NEAT, SAKSHAT.  

What Things Online Learning Resource Provides

SWAYAM provides open online courses with a university-approved credit transfer feature. National Digital Library (NDL) is a repository of e-content on multiple disciplines from primary to PG levels. It has 4.3 crores of content (Text / Audio / Video / Simulation /Graphics). FOSSEE is an acronym for Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education. FOSSEE has developed and promoted open-source software for education as well as professional use. Virtual Labs has developed Web-enabled curriculum-based laboratory experiments designed for remote operation.  Its 275 virtual labs with 2200+ experiments made several students benefitted. The e-gyankosh is a National Digital Repository to store and share digital learning resources. e-PG Pathshala is a gateway for e-books up to PG which provides High quality, curriculum-based, and interactive content in different subjects across all disciplines. Shodhganga is a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make them available to the entire scholarly community in open access. NEAT is an AI adaptive learning portal. This is an initiative for skilling learners in the latest technologies. JIIT Noida provides links to these important online learning resources on its learning resource center (LRC) webpage ( LRC offers Plagiarism Checking Services to JIIT students, faculties, and Scholars. LRC has subscriptions to Turnitin and Original anti-plagiarism software. LRC-Cyber Library is having computer systems with internet facilities. The purpose of the Cyber Library is to give digital access to the LRC users of subscribed resources and databases. Users can also use personal and LRC books for study in the Cyber Library. 

Jaypee Institute of information technology, Noida (JIIT Nodia) provides the best online learning resource. The online resources of E-journals such as Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), ABI/INFORM Collection, AIP publishing, American Physical Society journals, Emrald, IEL online, Institute of Physics, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Materials, Lecture notes on computer science (LNCS), Science, Society for industrial applied mathematics. JIIT Noida also has E-book resources such as Pearson E-books, John Wiley E-books, SIAM E-books, and Springer Link E-books. It provides a link to free E-books on learning resource centres such as Ebooksread, Librivox, O’Rieilly’s ED Bookshelf, OAPEN, Project Gutenberg, Scribd, UCL books, and world digital library. It also provides a link to NPTEL lectures note which includes web and video courses. The thesis and dissertations are available for download on the learning resource center webpage. E-database required for biotech and Jaypee Business School (JBS) which is one of the best B colleges in Noida is available. Database such as ACCORD ACE KD, Analysis of variance, cbioportal, CNGBdb, GEISHA, Tableau pubic desktop, R-programming, and World bank database is available at JIIT Noida. 

JIIT Noida recognized the importance of online learning resources and provides the best online learning resources to the students and research scholars. Online resources played a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has helped students access learning material such as E-books, Virtual Labs, online simulations, and online lectures. Online learning resource has helped students gain continuous learning along with classroom education. Students perform virtual lab experiments along with laboratory experiments. Research scholar access E-journals and E-database for their research work. JIIT Noida continues to provide the best learning experience to its students to enhance learning experience. 

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