Article Submission Websites

One of the most successful methods for top post-submission online marketers to attract targeted traffic to their websites is to publish high-quality articles to commonly used article submission websites.

Websites that accept article submissions serve as article directories or content banks.

The majority of popular article submission websites allow writers to publish their posts for free on their websites.

There are a few post submission services that charge a modest fee for publishing and distributing posts, but it is a small price to pay for the high-quality service they provide.

I believe that some of these sites are of higher quality and are better providers since they do charge a fee and attract a more valuable audience than some writers who merely search for a completely free spot to post low-quality content.

This keeps the troublemakers at bay. Most major, respectable submission sites do review all items submitted to them to ensure that only high-quality material is placed on their website.

Article submission services provide free posts to website owners that need articles for their sites, as long as they maintain your work intact and do not modify it in any way.

This may be a terrific approach to developing articles for your website and providing food for the search bots to chew, resulting in a higher position for your site.

While looking for popular article submission sites, look for sites that have a lot of page views and rank well. Alexa is one of the top tools you should employ.

Alexa will provide you with statistics on page visits, ranking, and relevant links.

Websites with better rankings in terms of website traffic will undoubtedly deliver more readers for your content.

These are the kinds of websites where you should concentrate on personally submitting your content. Article Senior, Digg, Article Ted, Go Articles, Post City, Content Dashboard, Content Desk, and Content Alley are among the top ten sites I can suggest for high website traffic rankings.

You can easily see that the article submission sites that are used the most are the ones that have the potential to infuse your article marketing strategies with a significant increase in free, targeted website traffic.

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