Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors in your home can bring both beauty and comfort to it for years. There are several ways you can maintain them, but the best way to enjoy your hardwood flooring is to apply these five secret techniques.


1) Use a vacuum cleaner instead of sweeping or mopping with liquid products. This helps reduce dust accumulation and makes it easier for the floorings to dry faster.

2) Apply some bucket-brushing action if the sanded area seems too smooth and shiny. It will break up the surface and give it a wood-like look.

3) Apply a damp paper towel to the entire area before you start scraping with a knife. The moisture will make the wood catch easier, and make your task much easier.

4) Avoid using a steam cleaner for steaming hardwood floors to prevent discoloration. Steam cleaners cause the pores to open up, which causes stains that are hard to remove.

5) Use the right type of wood for different rooms. Pine wood is cheaper, but should not be used in high-traffic areas because it is softer. Oak or walnut are better choices for family rooms because they can support heavy furniture.

6) You can use these floors as flooring or wall covering, or you can use them as trims to create an accent wall around the room.

7) You can also use them as paneling for kitchen islands or applications where you have less traffic. As long as the area is not high traffic, it will last for many years.

8) Consider buying good quality flooring that meets your needs, and one that you can afford. In this case, price is not proportional to quality. Some of the best quality hardwood floors come at a reasonable price.

9) Lighter-colored wood is easier to clean and maintain. If you want to use darker wood, consider applying a clear finish that will protect the surface, but let the grain and natural color show through.

10) Never place a heavy item on your flooring. It can damage it in a short period of time.

11) Never refinish your floors, as it will change the grain and make it appear uneven. That’s why the natural wood tones in your flooring will last for many years.

12) When changing furniture placement for a new season, don’t place your furniture too close to the walls. This can also damage your hardwood floors because of the high traffic in a short period of time.

13) If you have rust-colored stains on your floor, you can use bleach and water to get rid of them.

14) If you have hardwood floors that show wear and tear, and you don’t like the color, you can apply a vinyl floor covering. This will give your flooring the look of new without replacing it.

15) When you’re re-carpeting your home or changing what type of hardwood flooring; do not buy the cheapest product on the market to save a few dollars. You will end up with more damage with time than if you bought a quality product that fits your needs.

16) You can give your floors a deep cleaning with a vacuum and microfiber cloth. This will remove any loose dirt in the hardwood.

17) If you have three floors in your house, ask the salesperson to show you the right color contrast between the floors. This will make it easier to choose one flooring that’s not too distracting.

18) Before placing furniture, place an old towel under it to prevent the hardwood from getting scratched or damaged.

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