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No contraception is 100�fective. Despite all the precautions taken to protect themselves, no one is immune to an accident or an oversight. Finding yourself pregnant when it is not planned or wanted is confusing. In this type of case, people faced with this type of situation must have the choice of continuing or terminating their pregnancy. In the second case, it is necessary that the termination of pregnancy carried out in a legal and safe framework. There are two types of abortion: surgical abortion with manual aspiration and medical abortion through buy abortion pills in Dubai such as misoprostol. Our professional doctors are always ready to assist those women who want to buy abortion pills in Dubai.

Misoprostol and Abortion

Misoprostol was formerly used as a treatment for ulcers and gastritis. Nowadays its use has authorized in gynecology and obstetrics especially to induce labor on the cervix and voluntary termination of pregnancy in combination with mifepristone also in cases of fetal death in the uterus.

For medical reasons, it is often necessary to induce labor. To do this, in addition to the natural measures that are taken, misoprostol intervenes on the cervix. It has the ability to induce contractions and delivery occurs within the first 12 hours.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is performed in a health center under anesthesia. It requires hospitalization for a few hours and a control visit is carried out within two weeks of the operation in order to rule out any complications.
Medical termination of pregnancy is a safe and effective method of pregnancy termination that does not require surgery or anesthesia. It allows the woman to manage all or part of the abortion process herself, according to what she wishes. It can carried out in a health center or at home, it consists of taking tablets allowing the expulsion of the fetus.

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion combines two pills namely mifepristone and misoprostol which work together to empty the uterus triggering a process similar to a miscarriage. The combination of these pills can take orally or vaginally. The vaginal route demonstrated the most infections. The combination of these two tablets makes it possible to completely empty the uterus with the evacuation of the egg. When mifepristone is absent, it is possible to use only misoprostol which is also effective.

Medical abortion is recommended for pregnancies of less than 13 weeks. In general 1 to 2 hours after the absorption of the drugs, cramps, and bleeding occurs. Taking mifepristone is intended to promote contractions and allow the opening of the cervix. Taking misoprostol is effective 24 to 48 hours later, it leads to increased contractions allowing the expulsion of the egg and the return of menstruation.

Termination of a Pregnancy

Ibuprofen is prescribed to counter the pain. It is recommended for any termination of a pregnancy of 10 to 13 weeks to take twelve (12) tablets of misoprostol. Administered as follows four pills every three hours or 200 mcg for each pill. In case of unavailability of the twelve recommended pills, it is possible to use 8 pills, and their effectiveness will less, especially for thirteen-week pregnancies.

Abortion is present in the form of abdominal cramps similar to or even more painful than menstrual cramps from one woman to another. Bleeding is much heavier than menstrual bleeding. Some women pass clots. The size of the clots is large during the first hours of bleeding and corresponds to the dating of the pregnancy.
It is advisable to take painkillers such as ibuprofen before taking medication and after to support the pain. Taking ibuprofen two 200mg tablets is not mandatory but highly recommended. It reduces the intensity of the pain and makes it easier to bear the pain. Ibuprofen should avoided by anyone allergic to it. It is possible to take a tablet to counter nausea.

Major Issues During Abortion

Medical abortion must very supervised for women suffering from anemia, HIV AIDS, cases of extrauterine pregnancy, and any other health problems. Fever, nausea, diarrhea, and pain are side effects seen in some women after taking misoprostol. The effects should subside afterward.

If you bleed profusely for two hours to the point of filling two or more sanitary napkins, if the temperature is over 38 degrees Celsius 24 hours after taking misoprostol, if the pain does not improve despite taking ibuprofen, if the color or the smell of bleeding is different from your period or smells bad.

Health Center

You must go to a health center. A control visit is carried out within 15 days of taking the medication to confirm the absence of complications and to ensure the effective termination of the pregnancy, often by taking a blood test or an ultrasound.

Every abortion is different from woman to woman. Different symptoms vary from woman to woman
Abortion using pills allows women to have an abortion on their own terms. It offers women control over their reproductive choices.

It is important to notify a possibility of pregnancy eight days after the medical abortion after sexual relations. Consideration should then given to using contraceptives to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

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