Abdoulaye Doucoure was close to leaving Watford but ultimately decided against it. He was an incredibly talented player and excelled for the club.

He is an impressive midfielder who can play on either side of the pitch. Additionally, his defensive work and ball handling abilities are commendable.


Everton are one of football’s oldest clubs, having competed in the top division for an incredible 116 seasons and winning nine League titles and five FA Cups along the way.

But their history is also filled with disappointments. They’ve been relegated twice, banned from the European Cup due to Liverpool fans’ involvement in Heysel and had multiple managers fail to improve the club’s fortunes.

However, I have always loved this club and hope they continue to develop and improve. In the meantime, I’m just glad they’re still around and will be playing in the Premier League next season.

Farhad Moshiri currently owns the club, but has put it up for sale and instructed Deloitte to manage the process. He’s looking to sell either a minority or majority stake and has received several offers from parties interested in taking over the club.

My Goals

Goals can be an invaluable tool in helping you focus your life on what truly matters – such as career advancement, personal relationships, health and wellbeing.

Goals can range from short-term achievements like graduating college to long-term dreams that require years of hard work, dedication and patience. Typically, the most beneficial goals are time sensitive.

Constructing a list of goals is an iterative process that can be repeated. It’s an effective way to guarantee you accomplish the things most important to you in the right order.

Goals often revolve around learning new things, developing your career and improving overall wellbeing. But it’s possible to set some more modest objectives that don’t require too much effort or money but still improve quality of life. Most importantly, make it a point to set these objectives for yourself and then take action towards them!

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My Dreams

Dreams are an integral part of the sleep cycle and provide us with invaluable information as our minds are not restricted by daytime limitations such as logic or acceptability. Dreams provide insight that cannot be gained during waking hours.

They provide access to the unconscious and the mystical energies that permeate all human psyches. Furthermore, they serve as a window into what’s going on around you.

Your dreams are a direct representation of what matters most to you, the purpose of your life and what is truly true about yourself. They serve as reminders that there is a path forward that will enable you to make an impact on the world. Dreams serve as guideposts for positive change; they serve as reminders that life can be better lived when taken seriously.

Dreams can also help you focus on the positive aspects of life instead of getting caught up in all the negativity. They may even serve as an inspiring inspiration to others!

My Family

My family is the most important thing in my life. They provide me with unconditional love and support, helping me get through difficult times.

I am an amazing son to them and they always take good care of me. They adore me and are my biggest supporters.

It’s an incredible feeling to see my parents’ smiles when I achieve success on the field. My family is the most important thing in my heart and I will never forget them.

No matter how difficult my career has been, I never gave up on my dream of playing football for a team in Europe. If anything, it has only strengthened me to strive even harder and achieve even greater success.

I don’t know if I can express how much it means to me on a GoFundMe page, but helping my mother is something that means the world to me. She put so much effort into raising me and helping me leave the country that she could use some assistance right now.

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