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Mental health is something that is very personal and shaped by one’s own personal life experiences. Every person has their set of traumatic experiences that are to an extent that some can learn from them and move to forward while some suffer from an emotional and mental breakdown. Life is full of challenges at every point and we go through certain experiences that can either change us for the good or the worst. Let us look at several reasons that usually are the major reasons for mental health illness among individuals-

  • Relationship failures- relationships and attachments are something that when does not work people often tend to end up emotionally weak and vulnerable.
  • Work loss- losses at work come with so much risk that happiness comes at stake, and stress increases becoming a patient of mental health disorder.
  • Family issues- when we see problems among our family members it is usually very devastating, especially for young girls and boys they start to question their existence and their ability
  • Health problems- health problems often leave a severe impact on the mind of rigorous treatment techniques, the environment in the hospitals, excessive intake of medication, and the lack of inability to do things effectively affect the person’s mental health with frequent emotional breakdowns.
  • Childhood trauma- often such events take place that leaves a long-lasting impact on people
  • That keeps them in a state of terror, fear, and full of insecurities

Harassment be it sexual or physical, bullying and several other reasons exit the list can go on and on. It is very saddening to know that despite so many people suffering from mental illness, mental illness is taken for granted., people are often not ready to accept that they are suffering from mental health illness, because when it comes to mental health people often tend to associate it with shame, and a secret that should be hidden always, the sole reason for it is the taboo attached to people suffering from mental health, people consider that suffering from mental health is-

  • The person has gone mad and out of senses
  • He is a threat to a society
  • Should be kept a distance with
  • Brings shame to society and their family members
  • It is an illness that is untreatable
  • Some tend to consider it as something that is made up in the mind and no such sort of illness exists.

These taboos and stigmas are so dangerous for our future generations thus it is the need of an hour to spread awareness regarding mental health, mental health illness, and the treatments essential for getting better and fighting the battle of mental health illness.

Types of mental health illness

  1. Inpatient mental health facilities
  2. Outpatient mental health facilities

Inpatient patient mental health facilities are no less than an asset to our society it is one of the most elaborate facilities with detailed treatment procedures. Inpatient mental health facilities aim at providing a stay to the patients so as to provide 24-hour professional guidance and regular checkup by the doctor. Therapy sessions are organized, which are often proven as the most beneficial treatment process, it enables the individuals to self-articulate the past experience and let the hauling past go thus making a new ideology to live a healthy and productive life. Mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation are given great emphasis so as to calm down all the chaos that goes within one’s mind replacing it with peace, self-contentment, and self-love.

Life is very small and in this life, we must aim to grow ourselves, learn through our mistakes, and learn that challenges and difficulties will come but nothing is more important than our own health. In any given situation we must prioritize keeping ourselves healthy and most importantly positive. In all this process we must not forget to be an inspiration for others who need support and guidance on the right path of the decision to opt for mental health facilities and the right kind of treatment for them.

Taking one at a time we can eliminate mental illness and produce a healthy, productive, and energetic youth in our society and nation.

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