Our eyes help us navigate and experience the world around us. They are the magical portal through which we experience the everyday events of our amazing life. That is why it is very important to care for your eyes by keeping their quality of vision intact. If you are looking for a perfect pair of prescription glasses that offers corrective solutions to all problems relating to vision. The right kind of prescription glasses helps you in gaining clear vision, protect from the sun, and makes you look stylish.  

In order to make sure you are comfortable with your pair of glasses, we have presented you with a guide to select the correct pair for your beautiful eyes. The article includes six traits of a perfect pair of prescription glasses for convenience. If you are looking for top-quality glasses, visit Jade Black. They have all kinds of glasses ranging from prescription glasses to chic sunglasses. You can crack the best deals by applying the Jade Black Coupon Code

Let us look at some of the specifications that you must consider before purchasing prescription glasses:

1. The Right Prescription For Your Eyes

Before buying the right kind of prescription glasses, it is important to get your eyes checked by an eye specialist. If you have an old or wrong prescription, then the wrong selection of lenses will cause a headache. The selection of the wrong lenses also affects your vision in the long run. The need for an updated prescription is important for the well-being of your eyes. 

You can walk into any eye store or to an ophthalmologist to get a zero-error eye test. The tests help you know the power of your eyes and also help in detecting various disorders. These tests will help you know that you will need a bifocal, single focus, or a high-index lens. Afterward, get good-quality prescription glasses for the perfect health of your eyes. 

2. Style Of Frame For Prescription Glasses


After getting the right prescription, choose the right pair of frames for your glasses. These days a number of websites are allowing you to get a real-time view of the frame on your face. You only have to upload, open the website or app, and keep trying different frames on your face. A real-time view of the frames will help you select the right one for your face. 

There are countless frames for sale on the market. The three broad categories of frames are rimmed, rimless, and semi-rimmed. There are options for metal or plastic material for the frames. The professionals present at the eye store or on the website will help you choose the perfect frames for your lovely eyes. 

Nowadays, the market is flooded with an enormous variety of frames available in different shapes and sizes. Some prominent frames are wayfarer, aviator, cat eye, rectangle, round shapes, and many more. If you are living in a hot and humid environment, you may have an allergic reaction to the nose pad in metal frame glasses. The solution to this problem is the use of lightweight plastic frames. These frames are extremely durable but are available in rimmed styles. They are perfect for young children as they are tough and long-lasting.

3. Prescription Frames Must Have Proper Fitting 

The suitable fitting of prescription glasses is as important as choosing a perfect frame. These prescription glasses frames must have a proper fitting. Since you will wear the glasses all day long, they shouldn’t cause discomfort in the nose or ears or slide down your nose. The frame’s appearance is as important as the comfort level of the glasses. Always choose lightweight frames, so you don’t feel the pressure on your eyes and nose bridge.

Choose the perfect size and shape that matches your face’s overall appearance and width. For apt fitting of the prescription glasses, look for the lens’s width, nose bridge width, and temple length. The closer these numbers are to your face’s measurement, the better fitting you will experience with your prescription glasses or sunglasses. 

You must choose the frames according to your lifestyle, like sporty, fashionable pieces or professional looks, etc. While trying on different kinds of frames, ensure that you get a large field of vision from different angles. So that you do not have to move your head or eyes every time you look through the lenses.

4. Correct Lenses For Prescription Glasses

The next thing to check for in the guide to buying the best prescription glasses is the correct lenses. Only the right lenses make the most precise vision, whether zero power, single, bifocals, progressive, or high index lenses. With the help of experienced eye professionals or experts, you can pick the lenses per your visual requirements. A suitable check will also be done to make sure that you can see clearly from different visual zones.

These days, lenses offer protection from the blue light emanating from our mobile and laptop screens. Additionally, some lenses don’t allow dust or water to stay on them, thus keeping the lens clean throughout the day. So make a wise selection of your lenses. 

5. Good-Quality Lens For Prescription Glasses

The selection of good-quality lens material is of primary importance that suits your lifestyle. The lenses for the prescription glasses must be selected from appearance, vision, durability, comfort, safety, and comfort levels. There are plenty of premium-quality lenses available in glass, polycarbonate, high-index lenses, and more. Before choosing the best lens for your eyes, consult the optometrist present at your nearest stores.

6. Best Coating For Lens 

The last thing to check out before buying prescription glasses is the different varieties of lens costing that will add value and life to your glasses. These coatings improve the performance and appearance of prescription glasses lenses. The coating can be applied to all lenses, whether bifocal, single-vision or progressive. Nowadays, there is a variety of coating comprising:

  • Basic, which includes a scratch-resistant coating.
  • Anti-reflective has the benefits of Basic and also reduces reflection.
  • Advantage coating is dust and water repellant. 
  • Ozone coating has the benefits of Advantage coating, Blue light protection with UV protection.
  • Tech Lens coating with enhanced Blue light protection.

Scratch-resistant coatings safeguard against scratches made by accidentally dropping or by handling them roughly. On the other hand, Anti-reflective coating reduces glare and halos around lights at night and removes the unattractive reflection from your lenses. Furthermore, you can choose from smudge-resistant, UV-protective, blue-tech, dust and water-repelling, and other coatings.

Wrapping Up With The Guide To Buy Best Prescription Glasses

Before buying prescription glasses, it is important to know some of the features of good-quality glasses. In this article, we have described in detail the six important characteristics of prescription glasses to look for before buying them. You can learn about the various aspects of prescription glasses while going through the article.


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