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A columbarium, also known as a niche unit, is a permanent building with niches constructed to hold inurned cremated remains.

Just like a grave, a niche unit offers a location for loved ones’ relatives and friends to pay their condolences.

Rows and columns are used to arrange columbaria. The name or location number of the person(s) whose remains are buried can be used to identify them.

There may be a dozen to several hundred spots in a specialty unit. Each compartment has a tight closure and is covered – so check talk to a funeral service and learn more about Nirvana Singapore price.

Difference Between a Columbarium and Mausoleum:

Before getting too further into our subject, we want to clear up a frequent misunderstanding.

The terms “columbarium” and “mausoleum” are sometimes used synonymously. Even though they are both grand buildings that house graves, they each serve a completely different function.

Casketed human remains are intended to be kept in mausoleums. On the other hand, columbariums are substantially smaller and are only meant to hold and safeguard cremated remains.

Things to Know About Columbariums in Singapore

  • Types:

Although the size and form of contemporary columbaria vary greatly, they are all constructed with architectural design, longevity, and beauty in mind.

The many sorts of specialty units are numerous. One or more of the most well-liked possibilities include towers, walls, and other free-standing buildings.

Moreover, cemeteries can be isolated structures or spaces. There are specialized apartments that have been built underneath, beneath existing buildings, albeit they are not particularly prevalent in Singapore.

  • Design and Components:

So what materials are used to construct a columbarium?

Stone, concrete, granite, marble, and brick are just a few examples of the materials that may be used to construct a columbarium’s facade. Granite, bronze, or glass are consistently used as the outside material for niche areas.

Columbaria with glass fronts are indoor monuments that make the urn visible. They keep artifacts that have meaning and are valued, much like a curio cabinet. In the niche, in addition to the urn, things like pictures, letters, and fake flowers can be shown.

Bronze-faced and granite-faced niche columbaria withstand the weather well, making them excellent for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Bronze niches never date. It is impossible to mimic the warmth and beauty of nature. Granite niches have a beautiful appearance as well. They respond nicely to laser engraving, do not fade or scratch, and are thus always readable. Call a Nirvana service today to get the Columbarium Singapore price.

  • Location:

Most columbariums are found in cemeteries. These can be found in crematoriums on the property, within mausoleums, and on the grounds.

The advantages of indoor niche units include climate control. No of the weather, visitors are welcome all year round.

The majority of outdoor cemeteries are found on spacious, beautifully planted grounds. Walking routes and benches tend to be nearby.

Columbarium gardens are being constructed in an increasing number of cemeteries. For families to commemorate and remember loved ones, they offer a peaceful and welcoming environment.

Several churches and temples feature niche structures inside or outside their grounds. Families may visit them easily, and doing so can make them feel closer to their loved one during worship.

  • Niche Market:

One urn is intended to fit into a standard-sized niche, which has a volume of around 9 cubic inches.

Cemetery and places of worship may have bigger locations where many urns can be placed. These are perfect for families and couples who wish to be remembered together.

We live in a transient culture, thus more and more cemeteries are renting out specific areas for a set amount of time, usually 5 to 10 years. If a family has to transfer the cremated ashes of a loved one to another place, such an arrangement offers more flexibility.

  • Personalization:

Similar to burial monuments, niche niches provide lots of room for customization.

For pictures and other items that are especially meaningful to the people who have passed away, many columbaria feature modest niches or shelves designated for them.

Moreover, flower vases can often be affixed to the wall close to or on the front of the area. Then, families may substitute seasonal arrangements and offer unique bouquets for birthdays and anniversaries.

Moreover, special symbols and text may be engraved adjacent to or below the person’s name.

A personal touch and sense of uniqueness are added by symbols relating to religion, interests, sports, nature, etc., while poetry, phrases, and sayings used as epitaphs provide insight into the deceased’s morals, personality, or beliefs.


A columbarium is a long-lasting monument made to withstand the ages.

Each area stands for a vision of devotion, fidelity, and legacy that will provide the next generations with a window into the lives of the gone.

We hope that by the time we’re finished, you will agree that a columbarium is much more than just a place where people are buried with names and dates on it.

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