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Jaisalmer is the leading sightseer destination in Rajasthan. The northwest portion of this Indian State is appertained to as the” golden megacity” because of the multitudinous golden beach stacks and castles constructed of golden honey sandstone. 


multitudinous lakes, elaborate Jain tabernacles, and lavish havelis beautify the megacity. still, this only tells part of the story. One of Jaisalmer’s most well- known lodestones is its unusual desert safari in Jaisalmer. In order to make your stay truly indelible, the megacity provides cosy lodging in the heart of the enormous Thar Desert together with a range of audacious conditioning. A taste of Indian heritage and culture may also be had in the megacity’s thriving handcraft requests, which will take you back in time.


You may engage in a variety of thrilling and amusing desert conditioning while visiting the megacity of Jaisalmer. Going on a safari excursion while driving across the stacks in a vehicle or on a camel is surely a beautiful experience. You can have a tonne further fun at the desert camps. 


The desert camps offer a tonne of different openings for enjoyment. You’ll have a great time at the campground taking in the traditional cotillion and music performances. The campsites are also well- known for delivering the stylish Rajasthani cookery ever.

All time round, Jaisalmer is warm. It experiences extremely hot summer days from April through July, followed by the stormy season from July through August and further tolerable downtime days from December through March. 

a stint to Rajasthan and the Golden Triangle.

The Golden triangle

Visit the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan Tour, two of the most well- liked sightseer spots in Northern India, during a fun- filled family vacation. To begin this stint, visit Delhi, the nation’s capital, and its magnific Jama Masjid, Red Fort, and Qutub Minar. A fun and games in the Lodhi auditoriums will round out the trip. Spend some time marvelling at the Taj Mahal, an precious and breath- taking work of art that’s positioned in Agra. Ivory-white marble was used to make it. The palaces and castles in Jaipur, the pink megacity, produce a magnific macrocosm. With the City Palace, you will fall in love. The Jantar Mantar is a 1700s- period royal overlook, while the Amber Fort and Palace represent the zenith of Rajput armature.



The magnific palaces, stirring lakes, and authentic Rajasthani artistic entertainment are just a many of the effects that make Udaipur so special. voyage on Pichola Lake while visiting Saheliyon ki Bari. witness the exhilarating Jaisalmer Desert Safari to discover the magnific beach stacks. In the meantime, take some Instagram- good filmland of the stirring evening reflecting off the Blue City from the iconic Mehrangarh Fort. A pirouetting cotillion spins around during a Ghoomar performance to the beat of original musical instruments. 

What are the popular sights in Jaisalmer? 

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort Also known as the” Golden Fort,” Jaisalmer Fort is made of sandstone. it has a golden colour and a unheroic undertone. This is one of the Jaisalmer lodestones you have to see if you have a genuine appreciation for the history and culture of India. 

This is one of the Jaisalmer lodestones you have to see. you have a genuine respect for India’s history andculture. However, come then in the evening when the stronghold is completely lit and foamy, If you want to take in the topmost views.

Patwon Ki Haveli

Guman Chand, a well- known dealer in the megacity in earlier times, constructed Patwon ki Haveli. The haveli is well known for its lavishly sculpted, ample chambers. 

The walls of the haveli are decorated with stunning traditional artwork. This place is a must- see for excursionists in general and history suckers of all feathers. Anyone would be mesmerised by the elaborate eulogies and architectural layout created by the talented crafters. 

One of Jaisalmer’s most well- known structures, Salim Singh ki Haveli, gives stunning views of the megacity. 


Sandstones that were adroitly sculpted onto the hall of the haveli by crafters from a former period tell of its own unique language. Another name for this haveli, whose frontal portion resembles a boat, is Jahaz Mahal. 


 You’ll surely fall in love with this place because of its energetic terrain and different culture. 

The indigenous artists and handicraftsmen try to weave magic with their traditional cultural mediums.

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