A smartphone is not just a tool to reach out to people anymore. Right from checking time in the morning to ordering groceries or even food, our lives are dependent on smartphones. The market is constantly evolving to cater to consumers by bringing in innovative features every other month. Whether there is an urge to buy a new phone because the old one’s services have been deteriorating or one is trying to keep up with the smartphone evolution, there are certain factors to be kept in mind before buying a new phone. You can find a smartphone under 5000 price or even 50,000, but what makes it ‘the one’? Here are 6 questions to ask yourself to make a worthy purchase on the next smartphone.

The foremost thing to have clarity on is why there is a need to buy a new phone. What does one do with a mobile phone? It could be just to make calls and keep in touch or run an entire business online. Or it could even be just scrolling through social media. It is important to define goals regarding the purchase. Planning the brand, the type of phone — basic, Android, or iPhone, and personal requirements must be done in the early phase to avoid last-minute confusion or distractions.

There is certainly a smartphone in every price range. But what makes the phone buyable is the way it fits the budget one plans. It is important to highlight what is actually required of the phone. If it is the camera, prioritizing a smartphone with the best picture quality while having other decent features would suffice. If it is the storage or battery life, it is wise to go for brands that promise better memory or battery life. A little effort in comparing the prices and features online would have a great impact on the investment.

One major disappointment among smartphone users shortly after the purchase is the battery life. The capacity of a battery varies for every phone. Batteries with higher milliampere hours (mAh) value have a better capacity to serve longer hours. In today’s scenario, where everyone is binge-watching episodes and playing games for endless hours, a 4000 mAh battery can be a safe option. If the user needs the phone to serve average needs like good pictures, exchanging calls, and moderate internet usage, then a 3000- 3500mAh battery can be ideal. But it is also important to remember that batteries with higher mAh do not guarantee longer battery life but the intensity of the phone usage does.

We live in an era of Instagram and Snapchat. There can be endless photographs and videos getting uploaded every day. Another common complaint is that there is a ‘not enough memory’ message flashing every other week. When looking for a smartphone, it is important to check what their RAM and ROM capacity are. The former is important for the speed of the phone while the latter is for storing media and system files. If there is a high storage requirement, phones with 6–8GB RAM and up to 256GB ROM are available in the market. In other average scenarios, a 4GB RAM with 32 or 64GB ROM would suffice. It is also advisable to leverage cloud storage options for managing heavy file storage.

The processor is the most important aspect of any device. It manages every activity of the phone while allowing the users to have zero issues in navigating between apps or portals. If the phone reveals greater GigaHertz values, it means the processor can perform quicker. If the user is fond of gaming or video editing choosing an octa-core processor can make the purchase worthwhile. Core processors — quad or dual are the rages in the market for the multitasking options they provide. Prioritizing needs in advance can allow the buyers to choose the kind of processors their lifestyle needs. If the phone usage is mild, a MediaTek processor would suffice.

No matter how many innovative options one can find in a mobile phone, it all comes down to ‘Is it easy to use?’ This is why the majority of mobile users gravitate toward Android phones. Navigation between applications, easy access to new updates, and an efficient operating system are the key factors in determining the user-friendliness of a device. It is also important to stay updated on the versions available to compare the features and prices of different phones before buying.

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