Supreme ride quality, ultimate luxurious features, ample power under the hood, etc. are just some of the aspects of the 2023 Genesis G90. This is one luxury large sedan that people should own if they seek to get a vehicle in this segment.

To check it out or simply book it, you can visit Wayne Genesis dealer at your convenience. Though it is a remarkable car and you can buy it with your eyes closed, it is better to take a look at it in-depth first.

G90’s engine details

Unlike its earlier generation, the G90 won’t have a V8 engine this time; it is switched to a V6 turbocharged model in different potencies. Both V6 engines are grouped with an automatic 8-speed transmission and AWD drivetrain. The default engine’s power is 375 hp; however, its E-supercharged version generates 409 hp. Such power is delivered using the V6 twin-turbo’s electric supercharge and power from a hybrid system of 48-volt.

With such a high output, this car is capable of reaching zero to sixty mph within 5.1 seconds; this is quite impressive timing, especially when a car falls under the large sedan category. In addition, this vehicle has an optional air suspension system; this along with Chauffeur mode provides people with an extra-swift overall riding experience. Also, its handling is crisp and offers effortless acceleration making this car offer an ideal relaxing demeanor.

The 375-hp model offers a mileage of 18 mpg in cities and 26 mpg on highways. The 409 horses model provides a little less mileage than this; it gives 17 mpg in cities and 24 mpg on highways.

Interior section

Lavish and ultimate luxury is how one can describe this vehicle’s interior. With top-quality materials and a new design, the interior looks nothing short of stunning. Both the front and rear passenger area comes with ample space for people to sit comfortably. Some of the features that take it up a notch in the luxury segment comprise a fragrance diffuser onboard that has an anti-microbial sanitation feature; this system cleans air along with items that are brought inside the car such as smartphones, water bottles, etc.

Optional features include a premium stereo system, massage functionality for front seats, etc. Other standard features include leather upholstery, rear sunshades with a power operating feature, active noise cancel system, and more. To get a better idea and feel of this supreme interior visit Wayne Genesis dealership.


There are just two variants of the G90 2023 model. The first or base model costs $90,100; the higher-end model E-Supercharged is priced at $99,795. It will depend on you, whichever will be more suited to your needs.

However, most people choose to buy the E-Supercharged model simply because it offers more luxurious features and traits. Since it is a luxury sedan people tend to splurge a bit more to acquire the higher-end model rather than the entry trim.

Hence, choose to get the one that you prefer. Both offer ample performance and luxury along with smooth ride quality to ensure buying either would be a great choice.

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