15 Types of Visual Content To Use in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Now that we have many chances to produce captivating visual material, what more can we do to share the love? When you can be vivid, why choose to be dull? Today, we have more than enough tools at our disposal to produce visually stunning material. Can you picture how it would have been to produce content in 1895? At that time, magazines were discovered as the first type of material. Let’s not mock print because it has inspired and cited historical thinkers and ideas that are still relevant now.

15 Different Visual Content Formats for Your Marketing Plan

Let’s look at some visual content you may add to your general marketing and social media initiatives now.

1. Information graphics

However, not every busy professional has the luxury of time on their hands to read through a blog post they have bookmarked online because they likely had intentions to read it but never managed to do so due to their busy schedules. The key decision-makers, such as marketers or business owners of dissertation presentation help, base their decisions on statistics and data analytics.

2. Videos

When it comes to appealing to active professionals who are constantly on the go and to retail customers, often known as shoppers, video content is undoubtedly becoming a top preference.

In 2022, videos are expected to make up 82 percent of all internet traffic, according to Cisco’s forecast. Videos may provide information in a matter of minutes, making them the ideal form of material for viewers who lack the time to stop and read even a brief passage from an article.

3. GIFs and memes

You’re probably taking life too seriously if you don’t know what a meme is! Take it easy! Memes are a lot of fun and are used to ease people into the topic or break the ice. Memes are developed solely for amusement, allowing internet users worldwide to share jokes, viewpoints, ideas, and the true meaning of a message in a light-hearted manner.

However, marketers must exercise caution in their usage of these memes and ensure that they remain amusing and relevant to their target demographic. Which kills two birds with one stone if your audience is hard to win over. Additionally, you don’t want to insult them.

4. AR/VR

Now more popular than ever before, augmented reality (AR) should not be confused with virtual reality. When digital elements are combined with a real-time view via a smartphone camera, it is called augmented reality.

Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience that transports you to an imaginary world through first-person gameplay. Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR, the Astro Bot Mission in space, and other VR applications are some examples (Synergyxyz).

5. Branded photography

The days of lifeless brand logos and dull text blocks are long gone. Welcome to visually appealing, bright, and branded high-quality photos that can increase flow and retention between blog posts, serve as an additional expression, and raise awareness of your company.

Branded images can take many different forms, including expertly taken stock photos and graphics with a well-executed brand logo.

6. Superior photography

The spectator can become quite engrossed in high-quality photography, which elevates reality, elicits an emotional response, and, if you want, even motivates them to take action. Because photography is subtle but effective, most marketers and business owners have used it in their marketing campaigns. Remember the idiom that Frederick R. Barnard coined, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Today, I believe we can confidently state that it is worth significantly more.

7. Appealing to the eye Calls-to-action

The fundamental goal of content marketing is to efficiently guide potential clients through the buying process. Calls-to-action (CTAs) are crucial for encouraging your customer to convert and take action on their choice.

Additionally, CTAs can boost visitor retention metrics and engagement. As long as the content is pertinent to the potential customer, marketers can position it anywhere along the funnel.

8. Visualization of Data

When it comes to being the greatest, the majority of marketers and organizations thrive on data and storytelling when people order dissertation. The devil is in the details because they have a tremendous impact.

The many brain regions can use data visualization. Data suggests that the rational side of the brain has demanded, and storytelling appeals to the part of the brain that enjoys a good story.

9. Drawn Quotes

Many online blog platforms, like WordPress, let you highlight key phrases by allowing you to raise the font size to draw the reader’s attention.

Pull quotes are still used by magazines to draw attention to specific points. However, there are more sophisticated ways today to enhance views by adding aesthetic components to them.

10. Explanatory guides

You should repurpose all of your material to create step-by-step tutorial videos or any other type of visual content if your company has a lot of content assets, such as blog articles, whitepapers, and more. It could take the shape of a slide presentation, an infographic, or any other static information that facilitates the reader’s comprehension.

11. Active component

The appeal of interactive material is that it keeps readers’ minds engaged and encourages them to consider the point you’re attempting to make.

Giving visitors to your website something more engaging to do besides reading or watching a video challenges them and makes them more engaged with your material, which lengthens their time spent on your website.

12. Slideshows

Slideshows are frequently viewed as a time waster that makes you want to press the snooze button. You might be astonished to learn that there is still hope for this breed because it can still be successful at informing an interested audience. Just add some color and avoid using too many repetitive blue colors, and you’re ready to go.

13. Influencer marketing

Every objective you set out to achieve has a purpose (ER, 2020). It is king on practically all social media platforms, according to an influencer collaboration post. On practically every social media app you open on your smartphone, someone is advocating a brand for someone, and the cycle goes on and on. Both B2B and B2C companies now use it as a very prevalent and successful strategy.

14. Display Ads

On your social network or website page, it’s always a good idea to include visual content for your readers or viewers. But how does it expand past your current audience? Display ad networks get in at this point to broaden your audience and boost the number of times your ads are seen by potential customers.

15. Stickers

Stickers, which are frequently mistaken for GIFs, are a somewhat different sticky species that retains some of the nostalgia of collecting stickers in sticker books, however, this time they are stored on your smartphone on apps like WhatsApp and may be used to start or continue conversations. These stickers are priceless because they encapsulate practically all human emotions and show how they apply to daily life.


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