Different conditions such as injury, shingles and diabetes can cause nerve pain. Pregabalin Capsules in 300 can help you to ease the symptoms. However, it is important to know for patients how this medicine works or what are its characteristics to get maximum benefits and avoid interaction.

Characteristics & Uses of Pregabalin Capsules in 300 mg

It is an anticonvulsant medicine prescribed to treat pain, anxiety and fibromyalgia. Besides this, this medicine is also suggested with other anticonvulsants to treat seizures. This medicine works differently in different situations for instance:

  • In case of epilepsy, this medicine prevents seizures by reducing the unusual electrical activity in the human brain.
  • In the event of nerve pain, this drug helps to relieve discomfort caused by pain by blocking the pain signals to the brain sent through the brain to the spine.
  • If you take this medicine to cure anxiety, this prevents your brain from releasing the chemicals that make you anxious.

Thus, basically, they are suitable to treat central neuropathic and peripheral pain, epilepsy and generalized anxiety disorder called GAD in short. This medicine is suitable for use in adults and comes under the brand name lyrica in which the amount of pregabalin is 300mg. Pregabalin capsules also provide relief in case of restlessness and tiredness due to GAD. The capsule form of pregabalin contains orange or white coloured capsules. On the orange cap, ‘Pfizer’ is imprinted while ‘PGN 300’ is on the white part.

How Do Pregabalin Capsules in 300 mg Work? 

Pregablin has analgesic, anticonvulsant and anxiolytic properties. They bind the α2-δ protein (auxiliary subunit) of voltage-gated calcium channels located in the CNS. Its works to treat different issues varies. For example, this medicine reduces abnormal electrical activity to relieve the symptoms of seizures and epilepsy, block pain messages to provide calmness in case of nerve pain and stop chemical release to treat anxiety issues. You should ask your doctor the reason for which this medicine is prescribed to you.

How to Take Pregabalin Safely?

You should talk to your doctor in detail about your medical history, product details and everything about you to avoid interactions and side effects. You can normally take this medicine 2-3 times a day. The side effects of this drug such as dizziness, headaches and feeling sleepy, are mild and usually go away as time passes. If you are taking pregabalin to treat epilepsy issues, you should follow the regular dose pattern as a missed dose can cause a seizure. You should know that pregabalin capsules are only suitable for adults not for people older than 65 years or the ones under 18. It is critical to take your healthcare provider’s suggestion in case you:

  • Are prone to allergic reactions to this medicine
  • Have you ever been addicted to or abused this medicine
  • Are you a breastfeeding mother or expecting
  • Are a patient whose kidneys are not working well
  • Take a controlled sodium diet
  • Have breathing issues

You should take this medicine exactly the way your doctor has instructed you. The normal or usual dose of this drug is 150-600 mg a day in hard form while a 2.5ml dose is in liquid form. Let your doctor decide the right dose for you.

Final Remarks

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